Dancing with the Stars Week 3 – The Most Memorable Year

Dancing with the Stars Week 3 – The Most Memorable Year

Ginger chose the year 2013 because it was the year she met her husband. Ginger and Val danced a Contemporary routine to Home by Phillip Phillips and it was pretty good. The transitions weren’t very smooth. However she was truly in character and she enjoyed the dance. It just needed a little more technique. But other than that, very well done. They scored 7,7,7 totalling 21.

Doug chose the year 2015 when his parents both died on the same day, only minutes apart. Doug and Karina danced a Waltz to Rainbow Connection by Kermit and it was okay. He tripped twice at the end. The choreography had a lot of explosions, lunges, dips and only two waltz steps. This was a Lyrical Contemporary Waltz and not a true Waltz….disappointing. They scored 7,6,7 totalling 20.

Kim chose the year 1976 because it was the year she got her first gig in a Ms. Butterworth Syrup commercial, which led to the Facts of Life. Kim and Sasha danced a Foxtrot to Facts Of Life theme song by Gloria Loring and it was very good. She danced so beautifully and elegantly. Nice arm stylings and nice footwork. Needs to work on her topline a bit. They scored 8,7,7 totalling 22.

Von chose the year 2016 when he and his teammates won the Super Bowl. Von and Witney danced a Contemporary routine to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins and it was good. The choreography left me confused, however he partnered very well. The lifts were beautiful. Just the acting of the routine wasn’t believable. They scored 7,6,7 totalling 20.

Marla chose the year 1993 because it was the year her daughter was born. Marla and Tony danced a Jive to Happy by Pharrell Williams and it was very good . It had a lot of content. She needed more definition, sharpness and recoil in the kicks. It was a true jive…great choreography Tony! They scored 7,7,7 totalling 21.

Antonio chose the year 2007 because it was the year he broke a college record.  Antonio and Sharna danced a Foxtrot to 7 Years by Lukas Graham and it was very good! Nice Foxtrot however he needs to work on straightening his legs at times. Nice start to a good topline. Need to smooth out his striding to glide instead of skip. They scored 7,6,7 totalling 20.

Paige chose the year 2014 because it was her first UFC. Paige and Mark danced a Paso Doble to 300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero and it was awesome! I loved it!!! It was a blend of dance and fighting together. Great choreography! However it wasn’t a true Paso Doble; I liked her attack and the intensity. They scored 8,7,8 totalling 23.

Jodie chose the year 2015 because she got to back and do Fuller House. Jodie and Keo danced a Foxtrot to Rise Up by Andra Day and it was good. It was a Contemporary Foxtrot. That being said it was danced beautifully and emoted beautifully as well! She needs to work on topline and footwork. They scored 8,7,8 totalling 23.

Mischa chose the year 2008 because it was the year the O.C. was at its peak. Mischa and Artem danced a Samba to Party In The USA by Miley Cirus and it was not bad and not good either. She had a better time dancing. However, she was missing the dragging action, the bounce and the ticking actions. The scored 6,6,6 totalling 18.

Wanya chose the year 1996 because it was the time when he and Boyz 2Men performed for the world after a national tragedy. They danced a Waltz to The Star Spangled Banner by Boyz 2 Men and it was very beautiful. He lost his posture and frame , had his shoulders in his ears at times. He strides were smooth. Good number! They scored 8,8,8 totalling 24.

Nyle chose the year 2012 because it was the year he travelled the world. Nyle and Peta danced a Tango to Verge by Owl City featuring Aloe Blacc and it was amazing! I absolutely loved it! Great come back! Needs just to keep his bum in at times and to work on keeping his frame. They scored 8,8,9 totalling 25.

Leaving tonight’s show is…
Mischa and Artem.

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