Dancing with the Stars- Week 2: Latin Night

Latin Night



Jodie and Keo danced a Samba to Burn Up The Dance by Dillon Francis and Skrillex and it was very good. Great energy and great facial expressions. She needed more ticking and bounce and more pressure to the floor. They scored 7,7,7 totalling 21.

Jodie and Keo


Marla and Tony danced an Argentine Tango to Don’t by Ed Sheeran and it was good but not as good as last week. She has beautiful legs but they were a little stiff. She needed to keep her knees a little flexed. She had the sharpness of the kicks but her movements in between weren’t passion filled.  They scored 7,6,7 totalling 20.

Marla and Tony


Geraldo and Edyta danced a Salsa to Ran Can Can by Tito Puente and it was very interesting. He messed up royally with the arm movements and the he was just lost. He enjoyed himself but really he needs more time to learn.  He has potential.  Edyta just danced around him. They scored 5,4,4 totalling 13.

Geraldo and Edyta


Paige and Alan (troupe member), who is dancing for due to an injusry the day before, danced a Salsa to Danza Kuduro by Don Omar featuring Lucenzo and it was very hot and fast and amazing. I absolutely loved it. What chemistry these two have…amazing!!! Mark made great choreography, good job.  She just needs to wait for her partner.  They scored 8,8,8 totalling 24.

Paige and Alan


Antonio and Sharna danced a rumba to Adorn by Miguel and it was ok. Firstly,  she really didn’t put a whole lot of Rumba into the routine for him to dance. There was a whole lot of change of place lunge. He didn’t demonstrate any Cuban motion. But…he had great chemistry with his partner and feeling for the rhythm. Great facial expression. More pressure to the floor is needed. They scored 6,6,7 totalling 19.

Antonio and Sharna


Kim and Sasha danced a Salsa to Conga by Gloria Estefan and it was very good. Great energy and she danced it well. She just lost it a bit at the end of the choreography. She had great facial expressions. Well done. They scored 7,6,6 totalling 19.

Kim and Sasha


Nyle and Peta danced a rumba to Stole the Show by Kygo featuring Parson James and it was very good. However the routine was hectic. It was always full of attack and there wasn’t any slow moments to create passion and heat. He danced it well .  They scored 7,6,7 totalling 20.

DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Episode 2201" - "Dancing with the Stars" is back with an all-new celebrity cast ready to hit the ballroom floor. The competition begins with the two-hour season premiere, live, MONDAY, MARCH 21 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network. The premiere episode kicks off with an exciting and dynamic opening number, featuring all of the celebrities and dancers, along with returning head judge Len Goodman. The night continues with each couple dancing a cha cha, fox trot, jive, tango or quickstep, vying for America's vote for the first time. (ABC/Adam Taylor) PETA MURGATROYD, NYLE DIMARCO


Mischa and Artem danced a Cha Cha to Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba and it was better than last week. She was still a little stiff but last week’s comments put her in a bad place to start with. She was off time and needed to dance more with the balls of her feet.  They scored 5,5,5 totalling 15.



Von and Witney danced a Cha Cha to Ain’t too Cool by Lunch Money Lewis and it was ok. There wasn’t enough Cha Cha material in it. He needed to dance with toe leads and not heel leads. He can move but she didn’t give home the opportunity in the choreography. They scored 7,6,7 totalling 20.

von and witney


Wanya and Lindsay danced a Salsa to Echa Pa’lla by Pitbull and it was absolutely amazing!!!  Loved it!!  He is so good. He danced it so well with lots of energy and pizazz.  Did I mention I loved it?!  Best dance tonight!!!  They scored 8,8,8 totalling 24.

wanya and lindsay


Doug and Karina danced a Paso Doble to Buster Voodoo by Rodrigo Y Gabriela and it was ok. He had good attack and movement but he needed to keep his hips thrust forward and more expansion on his top line. But overall, it was not bad.  They scored 7,6,7 totalling 20.

Doug and Karina


Ginger and Val danced a Samba to Sorry by Justin Bieber and it was ok. I was disappointed because it lacked samba steps and there was no ticking action and bounce in the movement. It looked more like salsa instead. They scored 7,7,7 totalling 21.

Ginger and Val

First illumination:


Leaving the show is:

Geraldo and Edyta



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