The Day After Your Dance Event

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

Imagine, if you will, you’re a part of a team that makes a scientific breakthrough.  Everyone celebrates, you throw a big party… and go on vacation.

Is there a danger in that?

Now imagine, if you will, you’re a part of a team that makes a dance breakthrough. You work hard, you attend a big dance event…. and go on vacation.

There’s always a little letdown after the big events in your life.  Whether it’s the day after your birthday, Christmas, or a showcase.   The trick, is what to do about it.  Here are five tips to avoid any negative effects after your showcase, dance-o-rama, or big dance day is over.

The Day After Your Dance Event

Building Instead Of Rebuilding

Do you know that it takes more work to recover your dance material than to build on what you’ve already started?

The Trick:  As tough as it may be, keep the same schedule you set the week before your event.

The Perks: There are a lot of people who will take a day, or six, to recover. This is the dance equivalent of running in the morning while everyone else is asleep.

Finish The Transitions

There may have been something that was nearly there, say 75%, at the showcase.  For some reason or other, it was developed, but not completely.  This is part of the growth process – and this is the week to let your teacher finish the job.

The Trick: Your “dance brain” can sometimes get stuck in “Pass/Fail” mode. The trick here is to let your teachers elaborate on what was nearly there, so you don’t get caught labeling it as “not there”.

The Perks: Attempting the dance maneuver in public was the hard part.  The refining of that maneuver, while it is fresh, is the easy part.

Your Consultation

“Feedback” can be one of the most dangerous terms for your dancing.

It is limiting.

Sure, “Feedback” may sound better than “critique”, but it also sounds like the end of a process.  When you meet with an Arthur Murray consultant, they will give you feedback about how things went, and a strategy for what to do next in your dance program. We call it a Consultation.

The Trick: Everyone that participates in an Arthur Murray dance event will have an appointment with an Arthur Murray consultant. The trick is to show up to it.

The Perks: Does your “dance-brain” ever go evil on you?  A dance consultation with an Arthur Murray consultant can eliminate the tired monologue of an evil dance brain.

Focal Points

There is nothing wrong with making a checklist of things you wish you could have done at the event.  This is healthy.  It means you’re not complacent and you want to be better.  What could make this negative, however, is to go to any extremes:

  • Negative Self Talk/Critiquing yourself
  • Bottling things up
  • Pass the blame on your teacher, music, dance floor, barometric pressure

The Trick: Communication is key.  Talking to your teacher, an Arthur Murray consultant, or the management can really help.  You must talk to someone who can help you through this, or you may end up talking yourself right out of a life-changing activity.

The Perks: Often times, we don’t realize the priority of what we should be worrying about.  Talking to an Arthur Murray professional will make sense of that, and eliminate unnecessary worrying.

Capitalize on Momentum

In the “medical breakthrough” scenario, this is the most critical step.  Capitalizing on momentum is so easy with a great book, or watching an entire season of Breaking Bad:  it’s going so well, so why stop?

The Trick:  For your dance progress, it is the same thing.  The showcase built up your confidence, dance ability, and ability to retain dance skills to a level that you’ve never been to before.  So why stop now?

The Perks: Progress is great, but building on that progress, accelerating you to the next stage in your development, and discovering a new version of yourself is a whole lot better.

Final Thought

The Old you, before showcase, doesn’t like all this momentum.  The old you wants to take a break, go on vacation, and hope the pieces fall back into place when you return.  It’s so much easier to build your dancing, than to rebuild it.  So let’s send your old you on vacation, heck, put that version of yourself on an indefinite leave of absence.  The new you wants to build, go beyond, and make the most of this dance breakthrough.


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