DWTS Week 2: It’s T.V Night

Week 3- It’s T.V Night.

dancing with the stars 2015 spoilers

On tonight’s episode we welcome baack last seasons Mirror Ball Champion, the wonderful, Alfonso Ribeiro.  He will be our guest judge for the evening.

Carlos and Whitney danced a Jazz Routine to “Thank You For Being A Friend ” from the TV show Golden Girls and it was very, very good!  Loved the way they looked in character. Nice routine. Needs to finish his arm movements and give more energy. They scored 7,8,8,8 totaling 31.

Paula and Luis danced a Samba to “Three Hour Tour” from Gilligan’s Island and it was pretty good. She didn’t forget the choreography.  It didn’t have bounce and it didn’t have proper footwork. But she looked like she had a great time. They scored 5,5,5,5, totaling 20.

Tamar and Val danced a Tango to “Beautiful Mind” from Mad Men and it was very dramatic and sharp and entertaining. She needs to work on frame and she had a little slip. There was heat and fire and fierce! Well done! They scored 8,9,8,8 totaling 33.

Alexa and Mark danced a Jazz Routine to “Theme Song To Breaking Bad ” from the TV show Breaking Bad and it was so cool. Amazing…amazing…did I mention amazing!!! Great partnership! They scored 9,9,9,9 totaling 36.

Andy and Allison danced a Quickstep to “Theme Song To American Bandstand ” from American Bandstand and it was good. He really needs to work on footwork and frame and his timing improved. They scored 7,7,8,7 totaling 29.

Gary and Anna danced a Tango to ” Theme Song To Adam’s Family ” from Adam’s Family and it was very good. I loved the routine it was suited for him perfectly! He was so in character, and he danced it quite well. They scored 6,7,6,6 totaling 25.

Alek and Lindsay danced a Tango to “Bad Things ” from the TV show True Blood and it was good. He can make very nice line but the dancing was heavy on his movement. He needs to work on posture but overall it was okay. They scored 8,8,9,8 totaling 33.

Kim suffered a stroke last week and was unable to dance this week. Dancing in her place is Jenna along with Tony and they danced a Samba.

Because of the rules in place in 2005 that if a contestant cannot participate then they would be disqualified. Therefore Kim is unfortunately no longer competing in the competition.

Bindi and Derek danced a Quickstep to “Moving On Up ” from the TV show The Jeffersons and it was absolutely amazing! She’s incredible! I absolutely loved the routine! Needs to work on closing the gap in between their frames and work on posture. They scored 8,8,8,8 totaling 32.

Nick and Sharna danced a Viennese Waltz to the theme song to “Downton Abbey ” from the TV show Downton Abbey and it was very beautifully danced and it was very elegant. You can see that he worked on his posture and frame and footwork and it paid off. Loved it!! They scored 9,9,9,9 totaling 36.

Hayes and Emma danced a Jive to the theme song to “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ” from the TV show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it was good! It looked like he was losing energy. His kicks were not pointed or sharp. Work on finishing your lines. They scored 7,8,7,8 totaling 30.

The Elimination:

Going home tonight is…

No one, because Tony and Kim were disqualified. All scores will be added to next week.


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