DWTS: Week 10 – Semi Finals – 3 Rounds An Individual Round; A Dance Off Round; A Trio Dance Round

DWTS:  Week 10 – Semi Finals – 3 Rounds An Individual Round; A Dance Off Round; A Trio Dance Round

Full cast

Round 1:  Individual Dances

Bindi and Derek danced a Salsa to “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile ” by Sia and it was very good, however the Salsa has a little more passion and earthiness. Needed more and better hip action as well.  They scored 9,9,9 totalling 27.

Bindi and Derek

Alek and Lindsay danced a Waltz to “America The Beautiful ” by Ray Charles and it was very beautiful. I was left all choked up inside.  He needs to work on footwork, but he had beautiful lines. They scored 10,10,10 totalling 30

DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Episode 2110" - Four remaining couples advanced to the SEMI-FINALS on "Dancing with the Stars" on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET). For the first time in "Dancing with the Stars" history, the couples have to dance three dances in the semi-finals: a dance style not yet danced, a trio, and a dance-off challenge, which is a recent edition. For the trio dance, couples picked a dancer to enhance their performance and highlight the strengths of each star. (ABC/Adam Taylor) LINDSAY ARNOLD, ALEK SKARLATOS

Carlos and Witney danced a Contemporary routine to “Drag Me Down ” by One Direction and it was very good. It had strength but too much facial expression…it wasn’t necessary.  They scored 9,9,10 totalling 28.

Carlos nd Witney

Nick and Sharna danced a Tango to “Scars” by Alesso and it was very good.  He had a little brain freeze.  But it still was a good dance.  He was in his knees too low and his butt a little too out. They scored 8,8,8 totalling 24.

Nick and Sharna


Round 2:  The Dance Off

Alek and Lindsay danced off against Carlos and Witney to a Cha Cha to “Fun ” by Pitbull featuring Chris Brown. It was very good for both couples. The winner is Carlos and Witney

Alek vs Carlos

Bindi and Derek danced off against Nick and Sharna in a Samba to “Lean On” by Major Laser featuring M0 and DJ Snake. It was very good. I liked Nick’s so much better. He had more content. Bindi and Derek win this round.

Bindi vs Nick


Round 3:  The Trio Dance

Bindi and Derek chose Mark to complete their Trio. They danced a Jazz routine to “Resolve” by Nathan Lanier and it was amazing. Superb choreography!!! Loved it!  They scored 10,10,10 totalling 30.

Bindi Derek Mark

Alek and Lindsay chose Emma for their trio.  They danced an Argentine Tango to “X’s And O’s” by Elle King and it was really good. I liked it a lot. There was heat and passion and strength. Needed better footwork.  They scored 9,9,9 totalling 27.

Alek, Lindsay, Emma

Carlos and Witney chose Karina for their trio. They danced a Charleston to “Bootie Swing” by Parov Stelar and it was very good. They danced the Charleston with a Hip Hop feel and I liked it a lot.  Great creativity!  They scored 9,10,10 totalling 29


Nick and Sharna chose Peta for their trio.  They danced a Salsa to “No Doubt About It ” by Empire Cast featuring Jussie Smolett and Pitbull and it was very good. This Salsa had a Hip Hop feel…and I liked it a lot.  They scored 10,10,10 totalling 30.

Nick Sharna Peta

The Elimination:

Tamar and Val

Going home tonight is no one because Tamar had to withdraw because of a Pulmonary Embolism.


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