25 Signs of Dancing Progress

25 Signs of Dancing Progress




Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

Has anyone ever give you a compliment… and you thought it was a trick?

Words and phrases like “good job”, “that was better”, and “we did it” only cause your inner polygraph meter to go haywire.

You’re convinced, but of the wrong thing.  You may say to yourself, “there is no way that this [INSERT OCCUPATION HERE] is actually making dance progress.”  Well, here’s a list of 25 ways you can make dance progress, and you can be the judge.  Keep score at home!  Maybe you’ll find 2, 3, or 11 things that you didn’t think of as, dare we say it… dance progress!

1.     You’re talking while dancing. 

2.     You have attempted a dance step in the grocery store.

3.     You’re standing taller.  


4.     You are tapping your feet more when music is playing.

5.     You hear songs on the radio and wonder, “could I cha-cha to that?”

6.     You’re losing weight.


7.     You have felt soreness in areas of your body you never have felt sore in before.

8.     You don’t sound like an Olympic power lifter anymore when holding up your dance frame. 


9.     You have at least one dance show saved on your DVR.

10. Those jokes you used to make about what a bad dancer you are seem to lack substance now.

11. You’re not dreading the next wedding reception you’re attending.

12. You own anywhere between 1-45 pair(s) of dance shoes.

13. You have a “Tango Face”.


14. The names of patterns don’t seem so “foreign-language” to you anymore.

15. You have danced with at least three different people, other than your teacher.

16. People at work have asked you why you are happier.


17. Your teacher introduced you to someone newer than you are.

18. You can look up while dancing, smiling is a bonus.

19. You really like a dance that, at first, you thought you’d hate.  

20. Your new favorite move didn’t even exist in your muscle memory 3 weeks ago.

21. Your Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot are getting bigger.

22. Your Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, and Salsa are getting smaller.

23. While planning a vacation, you ask yourself the question, “I wonder what the dance scene is like there?”

24. Someone referred to you as a dancer… and you didn’t flinch. 

25. You stepped out of your comfort zone, decided to do something for yourself, disregarded misguided advice against the decision, and walked into an Arthur Murray Dance Studio for the first time.



So how did you do?

Did you score better than you thought?  The best thing about learning to dance at Arthur Murray is that every point of progress listed above will develop in your dance program.  (It’s part of the grand design).  Now these unfortunate, life-altering, byproducts of your dance program can include horrible things like:

  • Weight Loss
  • Belonging to a new community of friends
  • An improved social life
  • Improved Posture
  • Exponential amounts of Stress Reduction
  • and many, many more

Now we are kidding that these things are horrible, because they are not.  What we aren’t kidding about is that these are all included as side benefits to any Arthur Murray program. Whether you love ballroom dancing, latin dancing, or a little bit of everything: Your program delivers progress.  The 25 points are a road map… not your score card.

Happy Dancing

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