Showcase Survival Tips (From a Judge)

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California


Arthur Murray


I love judging this event because I get to watch our Arthur Murray students perform and watch their progress since their last showcase.


Here are 4 Showcase survival tips to help make the event smooth and fun:


  1. Ask your teacher to book a lesson with you at the busiest time in the studio so that you can practice dancing your groupings or routines in a crowd, this is one of the best training tools and can be a lot of fun.


  1. Pick your costumes out now and wear them on a lesson, make sure that you can:
  • Freely move in it, if it fits well you’ll be more confident dancing in it
  • Fit’s properly and nothing falls out. You and your partner don’t need distractions.
  • Proper undergarments, you’re supposed to be showing your dance skill and not your ……. Lol


  1. Have some self talk
  • Tell yourself it’s okay to smile and have fun, Judges LOVE to see that.
  • I ( and or my teacher) will make some mistakes and it’s okay, you are judged on your overall dancing and not on miss steps etc…
  • A re-adjustment after a mistake  is impressive to us.
  • If anything goes wrong, remember:  Tell yourself it’s okay to smile and have fun.


  1. Make some homemade brownies or cookies and give them to the Judges.. What? Oh… Sorry, I do not know how that got in this article
  • Bring some bottled water or Gatorade, fruit, veggies, cookies etc. This will keep you fueled to dance.


“I can’t wait to see everyone, please stop by and say “Hi” when you see me!”

– Bobby Gonzales


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