DWTS Week 7

DWTS: Week #7; The Halloween Special & The Dreaded Team Dance


Len is back! Yeah…I think…




Tommy and Peta danced a Quickstep to “That Old Black Magic” and it was okay. He messed up a couple of times and he needs to work on posture. He had great energy and his frame is improving. He danced better in hold than apart. They scored 7,7,7,7 totalling 28.


Lea and Artem danced an Argentine Tango to “Necessary Evil” and it was very good! She started off excellent with sharp leg action but her legs fell apart towards the end of the dance. I think the dance lacked passion and connection, but other than that it was very well done!  They scored 8,8,9,9 leaving them with 34.


Bethany and Derek dance a Paso Doble to “Run Boy” and it was awesome!! I Especsiallt loved the choreography.  She was in full character the whole time, she definitely brought her A game tonight ! She could have brought just a tad more passion but she was sharp and didn’t miss a beat their whole dance. They scored 10,9,10,10 leaving them with a total of 39, the highest score of the night! Great Job!!


Antonio and Cheryl danced a Viennese Waltz to “I Put A Spell On You” and it was good! But it lacked connection, body contact and he didn’t have heel leads. The shame is that the judges really don’t give the correct criticism for improvement. They scored 6,7,7,7 totalling 27.


Michael and Emma danced a Jive to “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” and it was okay.  You can tell the poor man tried so hard!  He had heart and soul but it was poorly danced with no technique and no rhythm. They scored 5,5,5,5 totalling 20.


Janel and Val danced a Viennese Waltz to the Pretty Little Liars theme song and it was a little weird…the costume was totally distracting and there was hardly any Viennese Waltz. She was caught up in the roll and forgot the dance. They scored 8,7,8,8 totalling 31.


Alfonso and Witney danced a Rumba to “Ghost ” and it was really, really, really good!!Loved it a lot! Great connection! Great partnering! One critique would be that he needed better toe leads. They scored 9,9,9,9 totalling 36.


Sadie and Mark danced a Paso Doble to “Come With Me Now” and it was a very cool number and it had energy and the extra dancers didn’t get in the way they enhanced the movement. Sadie a great performance, she was in character however she needed to have a better topline (lift and shape) and her skirt movement was a weak. And she stood a little to tall for the dance. They scored 7,7,8,8 totalling 30.


Now for the team dance…


Team Itsy Bitsy with Captain Bethany and Derek chose: Janel and Val and Leah and Artem and Michael and Emma. They danced a hip hop Tango to “I’m Gonna Love You” and it was well done! Bethany and Janel were the stronger dancers and Leah and Michael were the weakest. They scored 9,9,9,9 totalling 36 and all the team members are safe.


All the team members in team Creepy are in jeopardy. Team Creepy with Captain Alfonso and Witney chose Sadie and Mark, Antonio and Cheryl and Tommy and Pita. They danced a Freestyle to “Time Warp” and it was very good! Alfonso and Sadie were the strongest and Antonio and Tommy were the weakest. They needed to be in sync more throughout the dance. They scored 8,8,8,8 totalling 32.


Safe are Alfonso and Witney as well as Sadie and Mark.


Bottom two are Antonio and Cheryl and Tommy and Peta…going home is…Antonio and Cheryl.


Hope you keep dancing! 🙂



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