Dancing with the Stars Week 3: Movie Night

Len is away and the guest judge is Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart

The show is moving to only one night a week. Which means that they will say goodbye to one couple in tonight’s episode.

Based on the judges scores and people’s votes in jeopardy is: Randy and Karina…so far.


Dancing first is Randy and Karina. They picked the song “The Eye of the Tiger ” from the movie Rocky. They danced a Paso Doble and it was ok. He didn’t have the upper body frame for the dance. He partnered well but his posture was poor and it lacked the shaping. They scored 7,7,6,6 totalling 26.

Randy and Karina


Alfonso and Witney are safe and Betsey and Tony are also safe.

Up next to dance is Alfonso and Witney and they picked the song “Goldmember” from the movie Austin Powers Gold Members. They danced a Quickstep and it was enjoyable to watch. He needs to work on a relaxed stride. Great musicality and personality. As well, he needs to improve on his topline, sometimes a little tight and sometimes a little loose. They scored 8,8,8,8 totalling a 32.

Alfonso and Witney


Betsey and Tony picked the song “Unchained Melody” from the movie Ghost. They danced a Contemporary routine and it was pretty good. Very flexible woman. She had nice arm extension but needs to point her toes. She played the part really well. They scored 7,9,6,7 totalling 29.

Betsey and Tony


Safe is Michael and Emma, Sadie and Mark, Leah and Artem, in jeopardy is Antonio and Cheryl.

Dancing next is Leah and Artem. They chose the song “Power of Love” from the movie Back to the Future. They danced a Cha Cha and it was fun to watch but she was too stiff in some leg action. She needs to work on keeping her upper legs closer together. What kind of remarks are these judges giving? When is Len getting back? They scored 7,8,8,8 totalling 31.

Leah and Artem


Next is Michael and Emma who picked the song “Everything I do I do it for You” from the movie Robin Hood. They danced a Waltz. WHAT? Do people not know how to count to music? Waltz is 3/4 time and NOT 4/4 time. This is by all rights a slow Foxtrot. Beautiful danced with emotion. Longer stride would be nice with fluidity. Good footwork and great portrayal of the choreography. They scored 7,7,7,7, totalling 28.

Michael and Emma Waltz


Antonio and Cheryl chose the song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. They danced a Foxtrot and it was well danced. It had fluidity and he even had some jazzy movements in his interpretation of the dance. Topline was good however the elbows were a little high. Needs to work on rise and fall. They scored 7,7,7,8, totalling 29.

Antonio and Cheryl


Sadie and Mark chose the song “The Score from Up” from the Disney movie Up. They danced a Viennese Waltz and it was beautifully danced and so moving. Great improvement in the topline. Beautiful strides with fluid movement. Needs to work on rise and fall through the toes and brushing with some follow through. They scored 8,8,8,8, totalling 32.

Sadie and Mark


Safe are Janel and Val, Bethany and Derek, Tommy and Peta while Jonathan and Allison are in jeopardy.

Jonathan and Allison picked the song “Back to Black” from the movie Great Gatsby. They danced a Tango and it was ok. The intention to do well was there but it wasn’t that successful. He had a good topline…it sagged in a few places. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but it was a little too stiff even for a tango. They also finished a little later than the music. They scored 8,8,8,8, totalling 32. Really? That’s way too generous.

Jonathan and Allison


Janel and Val chose the song “America” from the movie West Side Story. They danced a Jazz routine and it was awesome! Funny moments  and great moments in the choreography. Loved the portrayal of this dance. Just needs to tighten up the arm extension. Loved the whole thing!!! They scored 10,10,10,10, totalling 40.

Janel and Val


Tommy and Peta picked the song “Per Una Cabeza” from the movie Scent of a Woman. They danced an Argentine Tango and it was pretty darn good for an older gentleman. Good frame, good movement. Did not expect him to do so well. Nice surprise. They scored 8,10,8,8, totalling 34.

Tommy and Peta

Bethany and Derek chose the song “Singing in the Rain” from the movie Singing in the Rain. They danced a Jazz routine and it was entertaining. Wonderfully danced and great use of umbrellas. Love Gene Kelly and all his musicals. They scored 10,10,10,10, totalling 40. Just one little complaint…is this about Bethany or Derek? Wasn’t she suppose to pick the song?

Betheny and Derek

Bringing back the bottom three in jeopardy…the couple that is safe to dance again is Antonio and Cheryl also staying for another week is Jonathan and Allison. The couple going home is Randy and Karina. Hope you keep dancing Randy! ??




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