DWST Week 4

DWTS Week 4:  The Stars reveal the most memorable years of their lives.

Len seams to be missing tonight again. Why? Any thoughts?

In tonight’s episode the audience at home can vote on line.

Safe are Janel & Val and Jonathan & Allison. Betsy & Tony are in Jeopardy.


Janel’s most memorable year was 2002 when she moved to L.A to receive mentoring from her vocal coach BJ. Janel and Val danced a Rumba and it was beautifully done. The only criticism I have is that she didn’t finish her Cuban motion at the end of her hip settlement.  They scored 9,9,9,9,  leaving them with a finale score of 36.


Jonathan picked his parents in 2004 as he got his first part in the movie “Mean Girls”. Jonathan and Allison danced a Samba and it was again all about Allison. He just moved left, right then leaned left and right. Where was the samba bounce or ticking action and footwork. And what a waste of 15 seconds in the beginning. They scored 6,6,6,6 totalling 24.

Betsy chose 1975 when her daughter LuLu was born. She has been her rock. Betsy and Tony danced a Jive and it was okay. There were a couple of mistakes and there was also some timing issues. But the tricks she knocked out of the park. She needed to have better footwork though. At least Bruno agrees with me. The other two are watching their nails. When is Len coming back? They scored 8,7,7,7 totalling 29.

The next couples that are safe are Bethany & Derek and Antonio & Cheryl and Lea & Artem. In Jeopardy is Michael & Emma.


Bethany ‘s most memorable year was 2009 when she started her YouTube channel. Because of her being bullied it started her path on YouTube. Bethany and Derek danced a Rumba and it was a beautiful contemporary piece but barely a rumba. Great message to young women everywhere. Finally, a good comment from Julianne. There was no hip action or foot pressure. They scored 8,8,8,9 totalling 33.

Michael picked the year 2001 when he won at Daytona. His friend Dale lost his life that very same race. Michael and Emma danced a Quickstep and it was interesting. His frame was to low. His footwork was so clumpy…and I can’t say anything that can be positive. But I can see that he enjoyed it. They scored 6,6,6,7 totalling 25.

Lea chose the year 2003 when her dad was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. Lea and Artem danced a Contemporary routine and it was beautiful. I teared up so quick. The choreography was on point with the song and what a great song “Dance with my Father again “. I loved it. They scored 10,10,10,9 totalling 39.


Antonio picked the year he moved from Italy to America when he got the job in a music video in 1989 with Janet Jackson. Antonio and Cheryl danced a Samba it had no bounce or ticking action and no footwork.  And really? Being Italian you would think he could dance a tarantella and that is like a Samba… I’m so disappointed. They scored 7,7,7,8 totalling 29.

The next couple safe are Alfonso and Witney and Sadie and Mark. Tommy and Pita are in jeopardy.


Tommy picked the year 2003 when he went to prison. He was locked up and had his freedom taken away. He lives every moment as it were his last. Tommy and Pita danced a Jive and it was pretty good for a man of his age. He had quite a few mistakes but he carried on and entertained everyone. But it was far from perfect technique, they scored 7,7,7,7 totalling 28.

Sadie chose the year 2012 when the show Duck dynasty aired and her life turned upside down. Sadie and Mark danced a Samba and it was really good! I loved the choreography. She could of had better footwork with flat ball flat. But she bounced and ticked and lost some posture while doing it. However overall it was really good. They scored 9,10,9,9 totalling 37.

Alfonso picked the years from being Carlton Banks on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Alfonso and Witney danced a jazz routine and it was so awesome to watch. He does that so well. I’m going to watch it again because it was so good.  I hope he goes all the way to the end.  And I must say that I loved how they incorporated the Carlton in his dance!!  I think the audience has been waiting for it! Well done!  They scored 10,10,10,10 leaving them with the highest score of the night, 40!

Saved tonight are Tommy & Peta and Michael and Emma.

This means Betsy and Tony are leaving the show tonight. May you keep dancing ??



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