What is the Arthur Murray Festival

Article provided by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California


Your local Arthur Murray Dance Studio decorated from top to bottom and your teacher dressed as a Star Wars character.  This is a typical Friday during the Arthur Murray Festival.  Here we tackle some common questions new Arthur Murray students may have about this popular event.

What Is The Arthur Murray Festival?

Festival Image for Blog


What Is It? 

A 6 Week activity competition between Arthur Murray schools of similar size all around the world.

Think of this like: 

Spirit Week in High School meets Sweeps week on network television

What Happens? 

The Festival is built around 6 weeks of costume parties built around a central theme.  There are games, special promotions, and prizes every week.

Think of this like:

The “Best Of” and “Most Likely” awards that you won in school combined with holiday shopping on Black Friday.

Why Do It? 

Arthur Murray is a supportive community of dance students and professionals.  Learning to dance is easier when the environment is fun.  Nothing lightens up the mood, and brings the student body closer together, than a costume party.

Think of this Like:

Going to summer camp.  You discover a new network of friends, new things about your current friends, and the change of scenery gives you a new perspective on things.


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