Five Reasons why Kids Should Take Ballroom Dance Lessons

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

No one ever says, “I’m so glad I waited until I was older to start taking dance lessons!”.  The common refrain includes some type of wish for a parent who was a bigger supporter of the arts, or a time machine, or some combination of the two. So here are some of the top benefits and reasons why kids should take ballroom dance lessons … no time machine necessary.


Physical Skills: Better Than Jazzercise… like, way better

Ballroom dancing can not only build coordination, grace, poise, and posture – but it can also develop great core strength and flexibility.  Regardless of age, ballroom dancing is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise because… it doesn’t feel like cardio.  So if your son or daughter needs to take their physical activity up a notch, without feeling like it is exercise, ballroom dance lessons will do the trick.  (They may even learn some cool salsa in the process.)


Dance Skills:  Going Beyond the Recital

This is the obvious result of taking any dance class, but with ballroom dancing, this translates to a practical activity that can be used for the rest of their lives on any given night.  While jazz, tap, ballet, and other forms of dance provide great discipline, fundamentals, and overall physical training; they don’t necessarily translate well to a non-recital environment.  Then again, they’re young, they can handle it – why not just have them try it all!?


Social Skills:  Old School is the New School

“Would you like to dance a Waltz?”

If your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or favorite barista could say something like that… would it blow you away?  Ballroom dancing not only teaches the skill of dancing, but the incredibly important skills of actually asking people to dance. Out loud. Without texting.

This, even by itself, builds confidence and self esteem exponentially.  When kids struggle interacting with each other, they tend to avoid all the social events that can, eventually, improve their social skills.  So, until something changes, the “social rich” get richer.  Ballroom dancing instantly levels the social playing field.  All it takes a few dance lessons and one invitation to dance.


A Unique Identity: Group Access Pass

Let’s face it, not every kid out there is going to be the captain of the football team, cheerleading team, or debate team.  Some kids are like a ship without a harbor in the social group pool.  Being a ballroom dancer offers a unique identity that isn’t directly attached to a school clique.  This eases the pressure and can build confidence for them as an individual, rather than by copying or trying to impress their peers.  When they are ready, they can utilize that confidence to join the group at school that best suits them.


Quick Story:  I once taught a girl who really wanted, desperately, to be apart of the theatre department in her high school.  She was lacking the courage, especially since she wasn’t already an established member of the theatre community (i.e. “Theatre Geek”).  Her parents signed her up for lessons and she loved it.  She developed confidence, and utilized her interest in theatre, through routines and local events.  One day she arrived for her lesson elated and on the verge of happy tears.  “I auditioned!” she blurted out.  Before I could congratulate her she then told me the best part, “Before I even said or did anything they asked me ‘how long have you been a dancer?’”.  She may not have started out as a theatre geek, but she finished high school as one.


Forward Thinking… on your Part

Think of all the vacations you’ve taken your kids on where they may not have been very supportive (putting it mildly) at first.  You understand how incredible the Grand Canyon is and what an experience it might be, but they’ve never been there and could care less… until they see it.  Sometimes, they don’t appreciate it until years later when they ask to go back there, or they are looking at the pictures.  Sure, ballroom dancing may not be their first choice, but down the road they will appreciate it.

– They may never have to dance the Tango in public, but… they’ll have the confidence of a Tango dancer.

– They may never think of the Waltz as their favorite dance, but… they’ll have the grace, poise, and posture of a Waltz dancer.

– They may not be able to go out to a Salsa club right now, but… they’ll have the rhythm, body awareness, and plenty of moves when they get there.


Final Story:

I had the pleasure of teaching a wonderful woman and her son.  Initially, the dance lessons were not his favorite activity.  In fact, it was a form of punishment for some typical 9th grade behavior.  Eventually, by 11th grade, the mother/son pair were accomplished social dancers. He loved it and they were a pleasure to teach. The boy was becoming a young man, and, remarkably, his dance lessons became a reward for good grades.


A wonderful boy and a terrific Mom –  equally transformed.


Happy Dancing.

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6 Myths About Dance Classes

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

Dance Class Myth #1:  “I wasn’t born a dancer”

Neither were we.  Dancers weren’t born dancers. Engineers weren’t born engineers.

Dancers, engineers, jugglers, magicians, school bus drivers, and every other occupation or skill takes lessons. We believe that there is a dancer in all of us. Our curriculum and dance classes can turn anyone into a dancer. So, in a sense, if you were ever born – then we can make you a dancer. Case closed.


Dance Class Myth #2:  “It will be too difficult”

In 1911, that’s what many would-be dance students were saying, and that’s where a young guy named Arthur Murray developed a ground-breaking solution. You see, with simple ingredients, he found that you could combine them to create any level of movement. Today, we still utilize the Four Basic Elements, and the motto remains the same: Walk in, and dance out.


Dance Class Myth #3:  “Lessons will be too expensive”

Anything that you’ve never tried is too expensive; Especially if you’re not sure if you’ll ever use it. So, until you take a free lesson for yourself, dance lessons could seem like one of those products at a mall kiosk, or something “too good to be true” on an infomercial. The solution is – to take a free lesson and dispel some of the myths about dance lessons and your ability to benefit from them.


Dance Class Myth #4:  “I don’t want to take a lesson until I’m ready”

This myth really begs the question:

“What are you waiting for?”

Like, seriously… is there a sign? A text message? An invitation from beyond the grave from Arthur Murray himself? There is never a perfect time to get married, go on vacation, have a baby, or take a dance lesson. You’ve just got to schedule it and will yourself (and your schedule) to be there.


Dance Class Myth #5  “I have no rhythm”

Well, let’s think this through. Let’s say you don’t have any milk at home. Rather than going to the store, you decide, instead, to tell everyone about this lack-of-milk problem. You opt to skip out on:

– the milk festivals
– the milk bash at work
– and the milk toast at your brother’s wedding

We carry milk, er… rhythm. In fact, we have an endless supply of rhythm, timing, and confidence.  It is stocked, and available, at our dance lesson superstore… or you can just keep talking about how you don’t have it.


Dance Class Myth #6 “I don’t have a partner”

This is actually a really great advantage. You see, if you love dancing, but don’t have a partner – chances are, you will:

– Unsuccessfully recruit a partner over a long period of time
– Successfully recruit an unwilling partner who will, then, recruit you back to the couch

Learning to dance on your own allows you to:

  1. Learn at your own pace
    2. Get a better workout
    3. Develop you into a dancer 10,000 times faster than it takes you to convince an unwilling partner


No matter what myths have held you back in the past – you can be dancing in 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, you’ll be a student. From there, it is just a matter of where you want to make your debut, and how good you want to look.


Happy Dancing!


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Do you Recognize the Eight Early Warning Signs of a Dance Disaster

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California


“Shutting down logical brain function.”  

“Pumping blood to extremities.  Commence fight or flight recovery efforts.”

“Glaze the eyes, cue the sweat… we have reached critical mass.”

Dance Disasters:  They are bound to happen, but will you be prepared when they do?

These 8 Early Warning Signs are not the tingly, sweaty, pit of your stomach queasy feelings associated with a dance disaster or nerves.  These signs are the little choices, feelings, and behaviors that will bring on the tingly, sweaty, and queasy feelings.  After all, disaster on the dance floor strikes those who are the most susceptible.  Hopefully, after this article, that will not be you.

1. Non-Committal

Warning Sign Summary:  When your decision to participate wavers from week to week, day to day, or minute to minute

Think of it Like:  If this were a wedding, and you were the wavering, non-committal type, your fiancé would have left with one of the groomsmen before the rehearsal dinner.

The Doctor’s Orders:   Commit… and leave no escape plan.  Take on the next event like a Viking.  Reach the shore, then burn the boats.  No retreat, no surrender.

 2. Staying Casual

Warning Sign Summary:  When your teacher worries before you do.  Without imminent danger, it’s easy to stay casual and turn down the lesson strategy your teacher is suggesting.

Think of it Like: There’s always a character in a horror movie that scoffs at everyone that is worrying too much.  “It’s not like anything bad can be in there.”   Then they realize their approach was wrong… when it’s too late.

The Doctor’s Orders:   Start the strategy sooner if you want to enjoy the process. The more time you commit early, the more relaxed you’ll feel leading up to your next event.

3. You Aren’t Nervous

Warning Sign Summary:  Denial

Think of it Like: Saying that you’re nervous, is different than saying you are a wimp.  It’s okay to be nervous, excited, or just under-prepared.  That’s what keeps you human and sounding like you care about the result.

The Doctor’s Orders:  Say, “I am nervous, but I’m not panicking.” Or, “I think I am just excited, and really want to do a great job.”  It’s honest, denial free, and there’s nothing wimpy about it.

4. Your Mental Reactor

Warning Sign Summary: The dance version of cramming.

Think of it Like:   Cramming for comfort is exactly like having a suitcase packed and ready to go.  It’s full.  That’s your muscle memory.  Your last minute items, your non-essentials – everything you’ve got in your backpack, those are the bonus items that your “mental memory” can handle.

The Doctor’s Orders:   Cramming for repetition is great.  Cramming for survival is not.  Taxing the reserves of your mental reactor with mandatory items like choreography changes, or heaps of new technique could put you on the fast track to a meltdown.

 5. Lost Landmarks

Warning Sign Summary:  Mental shutdown due to missing landmarks from your studio rehearsals

Think of it Like:  Whether it’s your next PowerPoint, your lines for community theater, or an away game in your softball league:  The best people get acclimated to the arena they are performing in… before they perform in it.

The Doctor’s Orders: Your body, no matter how prepared you may feel, needs to get acclimated to the room, and the surroundings.  Arrive at your next event early and, even if it is only for a few minutes, simulate your dance performance in the new environment.

 6. The Learning Shield

Warning Sign Summary:  Closed off to coaching, compliments, and general conversation.

Think of it Like: Your teachers are like your coaches. There is coaching before, during, and after the game.  That’s how we learn as students.  Compliments, feedback, and questions are all designed to keep the lines of communication open, and keep you on the right track.

The Doctor’s Orders:  Keep in mind that your dancing will rarely resemble how it feels to you. Your teachers are the interpreters of the world outside of your head.  Listen.

7. Isolation Island

Warning Sign Summary:  Do you process fear, worry, nervousness or regret… like a superhero?

Think of it Like:  Batman goes to his cave.  Superman, the fortress of solitude.  Your teachers can’t fix potential dance disasters if you are isolating yourself.

The Doctor’s Orders:  Don’t be a superhero.  If there’s a potential problem, share it with the people that can fix it.

 8. Help Yourself

Warning Sign Summary: The Dance version of “Self-Medicating”

Think of it Like:  Giving yourself a “snap-out-of-it” pep talk is one thing, but this can be a sign of an immediate dance disaster.  The problem is the degree of feedback you’re giving yourself, and how much of it is actually productive.  When in doubt, seek out your teachers.

The Doctor’s Orders:  Only Rambo should perform surgery on himself, and never at a dance event.

In closing

At times, you may have felt frustrated, regretful, or even angry for having a minor dance meltdown at a dance event.  What we fail to realize, in that moment, is that these little disasters are what improve us, and prevent us from complacency.  If this were golf, how interesting would the game be without the threat of a bad shot looming around every corner?

You see, your teacher will never be able to guarantee that you won’t have a disaster, just like your financial planner can’t guarantee a certain return, or your doctor can’t guarantee that you won’t get sick.  It’s the risk that prompts the best practices and behaviors that keep you healthy.  So, embrace the risk.  It’s the sweaty, queasy way of making you a better dancer… in the face of disaster.

Happy Dancing!

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Father Daughter Dance Solutions for Your Wedding

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

Father Daughter Dance Pic

She is a tough negotiator.

It doesn’t matter if she was 6, or 26… she drives a hard bargain, and both of you know it.

If there was one time in your life to learn how to dance, it should be for your daughter’s wedding.  Strike that… it will be for your daughter’s wedding.

Solution 1:  Ditch The Excuses

There are plenty of excuses one can use to avoid dancing:  Two left feet, a nagging injury, or just being too cool for it.  Unfortunately, all excuses become null and void when it comes to your daughter’s wedding.

As daunting as the dance floor may seem, it will never be as daunting as telling your daughter one of those “avoid-the-dance-floor” excuses you may have.  So instead of dance excuses, let’s replace that with dance solutions.


Solution 2: Hard Work

There’s a saying, “The pain of hard work is nowhere near as difficult as the pain of regret.”  Now, learning to dance at Arthur Murray for your daughter’s wedding won’t be as difficult, or painful, as you might think.  But there will be the pain of regret if you miss out on an opportunity like a Father Daughter dance.

Arthur Murray has successfully transformed fathers and daughters into dancers (not to mention mothers and sons).  The professional instructors can help you survive the day, or have a hobby for life – it’s up to you (or your daughter).

So, no matter how many weddings you attend, or how many daughters you have – this is, without question, the best excuse for getting on the dance floor.  But don’t take our word for it…

… just listen to your daughter.


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10 Non-Lethal Emergencies that Require Immediate Salsa Lessons


Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

This is not a problem. It’s a non-lethal emergency.

You can explain your way out of a problem, but when it comes to Salsa – that won’t help.

Think of this list as your latin dancing insurance policy.  The thing you sign up for before the disaster strikes. You can always just wait for the emergency, but the premium you pay may be a bruised ego… or worse.

10 Non-Lethal Emergencies That Require Immediate Salsa Lessons

1. Latin Wedding

There will be dancing.  A Latin wedding is one of the best parties of the year if you know what to do on the dance floor. Don’t make the mistake of thinking “Cumbia” is an appetizer, and “Bachata” is a bar item. Taking some salsa lessons is critical to your social survival, and your next invitation.


2. Going on a Vacation

There will be food.  Going on a cruise down to Mexico, the Caribbean, or in any nautical vessel traveling slowly with a constant buffet and not much else to do can be a nightmare on your waistline.  Learning to dance, however, burns off that second helping of Lobster Mac&Cheese, keeps you active, and you’re more likely to feel like you’ve had a fulfilling vacation – instead of just a fulfilled stomach.

3. Dating Someone Who Knows How to Dance the Salsa Already

There will be dance floors.  At some point, no matter how many hip restaurants you go to, how many blockbusters you see – a dance floor will present itself to you.  This may not be lethal, but don’t wait until this emergency to do something.  Salsa dancing is not something you can copy like the Macarena or Chicken dance.

4. Dating Someone Who Doesn’t Know How To Dance Salsa

There will be competition.  Listen, internet dating has put about a million more fish in the pond, and you need some competitive dating advantage – Salsa dancing absolutely does that.  In fact, lessons in a variety of dances keeps you on top of your game, and at the top of the dating food chain.  (*cue the Jaws music)


5. Need Some Exercise

There will be calories.  The real inconvenient truth? Your metabolism is a bit different from your digestive glory days of 4×4 burgers at In and Out Burger at midnight as a youth.  So before you schedule another water fast, or binge eat Cinnabons in revolt – try the most effective alternative workout program going:  Dance Lessons. You’ll burn calories, forget you’re exercising, and the only thing you’ll gain is a game changing skill in the process.

6. When You’re Tired Of Going to The Same Old Nightclubs

There will be the cold shoulder.  Sick of the booty-shake scene where everyone doesn’t want to dance with anyone?  Where everyone is already dating someone, but show up at the club to rub it in?  Where every beat of the Club music continues to hammer in the fact that this may not be your scene anymore.  Learning to dance like a grown up means that you have the permission to ask someone to dance, escort them on and off the floor, and actually get to know the person.  Booty shaking, at that point, is at your own discretion.

7. You’re Getting Married, and Don’t Want to Sway Side to Side

There will be an audience.  Mom, Dad, the wedding party, and all the random people at a wedding are far more informed, wedding wise, than before.  Taking the R. Kelly, sway side to side, way out is not adding anything to the “Legendary Wedding Score”.  Salsa dancing as the first dance tells the crowd that the party is about to get real, really quick.

8. You Go To Salsa Clubs… For The Drinks

There will be drink specials.  You’re in the vicinity of greatness, but just like a sporting event – watching the action and drinking beer doesn’t make someone a player.  Salsa lessons get you into the game.  The great thing is that this type of sporting event includes better looking people and beer on the sidelines during timeouts.

9. You Have Kids, A Babysitter, and A Date Night

There will be kid-coma.  Your kids will always be a top priority, but not if it puts your marriage in a comatose state.  Marathon diaper changes, grocery shopping tantrums, and any year you’ve survived with them as a teenager should earn you a medal, and a date night. Why not upgrade your cool points, and make full use of your date night by learning how to dance salsa.

10. Your Demanding Significant Other Is Your Mobile Device

There will be work.  Being on the go, on top of e-mails, trends, and business metrics makes you a valuable employee.  Having a conversation, out loud, with words, and actual facial expressions (the original Emojis) makes you a better human.  Learning to dance puts you into an environment that super-charges your ability to communicate.  It gives your brain a chance to flex some different muscles, and there is enough evidence of how it can improve your work productivity that your boss should be subsidizing it for you.


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Vineyard Wedding Dance Ideas

Vineyard Wedding Dance Ideas

Vineyard Wedding


Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

A vineyard is a chic and creative location for your wedding, and if you love wine, very convenient as well.  So here are some potential wedding dances to choose from for your Sunset at the Vineyard wedding. 

Wedding at a Vineyard Dance #1:  Foxtrot

This is an all-purpose dance built for the first dance and reception. It’s classy, but not too serious.

Song Ideas

  • Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra
  • Cheeck to Cheek – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
  • L-O-V-E – Michael Buble, Nat King Cole

Wedding at a Vineyard Dance #2:  Rumba

The ultimate slow dance fits perfectly with this sunset theme.  While it doesn’t travel the room like the ballroom dances, Rumba is more intimate, and, with enough time, can feature latin dance styling with the arms and hips. 

Song Ideas

  • Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love – Pink Martini
  • Whatcha Gonna Do – Smokey Robinson
  • Light My Fire – Jose Feliciano

Wedding at a Vineyard Dance #3:  Tango

Things get playful and dramatic when the Tango music starts to play.  Whether you go for an American Tango, featuring sharp, dramatic movement, or Argentine Tango, the sexier, more compact style of Tango – this will be an exciting and exotic approach to your first dance together as husband and wife.

Song Ideas

  • La Cumparsita
  • Ole Guapa
  • El Choclo 

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25 Things you Should Never Say to your Dance Teacher


Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

They’ve heard it.  Don’t worry.

The concerns, the feedback, the knawing, vein popping, nerve shattering problem, don’t worry… it’s all good. There are plenty of things you can say to your dance instructor, but sometimes they may want to have a list, like this, to answer your, you know, “concerns” once and for all.

25 Things You Should Never Say to Your Dance Teacher

  1. “Teach me this move I saw on YouTube”


YouTube can serve as inspiration, but if you want to abandon everything you’re working on in place of some YouTube material could just mean that you need to change the pace of your lessons. It’s much quicker and easier to watch great dancing, than it is to become the best version of you.  But you’ve done enough sitting and watching in your life.

Think of this like:  Looking at the exterior of a cake mix, and then being upset when there isn’t a fully-formed cake inside the box.

  1. “Why didn’t you ever teach me that?”


They did. There’s a point when your brain and body are able to receive bits of information that were previously unavailable.

Think of this like:  Asking your mother why she never asked you to clean up your room.

  1. “I’ll be back in the fall”


The fall has held, for many years, a mystical allure for the procrastinating dance student.

Think of this like: Telling yourself you will wake up early in the morning to pack your suitcase.

  1. “I’ll be back after the Holidays”


With the increasing popularity of online shopping, this grandfathered in reasoning for skipping your dance lessons is beginning to lose its luster.

Think of this like: Your explantation for not taking out the garbage.

  1. “We’ll be back after our Honeymoon”


Weddings can sometimes be a distraction to everything non-wedding related. So it is easy to postpone all of your non-wedding life until after the honeymoon… including dance lessons.

Think of this like: Unwrapped wedding gifts. Open them quickly, or they’ll stay on your to-do list forever.


  1. “I’m going to take a break”


This is never good. Self assessment is the precursor to many statements like this.  A pebble can seem like an avalanche when you lose perspective.  That won’t change when you’re on a break.

Think of this like: That time you used sad music, unhealthy food, and drab clothing as your strategy to get over a breakup.

  1. “I’m going to practice at home”


Arthur Murray professionals can program you faster than they can reprogram you.  While practicing may seem like a productive activity, it can lead to a loss of time in the long run.

Think of this like: Staying home from school, and trying to convince your parents how academically productive you’ll be.

  1. “Can we just focus on this one dance?”


Students tend to say this when they feel they have forgotten material from their previous lesson. You can actually learn to dance in the same amount of time it takes to learn a dance.

Think of this like: Working out. Getting in shape requires working on a variety of muscle groups – because they all connect together.  Same thing for dancing, sometimes the dance that you care about the most can only be unlocked by a different dance you hadn’t thought of.

  1. “That’s not what my other teacher says”


This is a cry for help.  Students that say this probably feel like their teacher doesn’t listen, and someone just needs a hug, coffee, and a goal setting chat.

Think of this like: Telling your current boss about how cool your other job was.

For more tips on setting up strategic goal setting chats, we recommend:


  1. “I’m not going to perform until I feel ready”


You will never feel ready.  Think of “ready” only in the past-tense. It’s after the event you realize you were ready, but rarely before.

Think of this like:  In Star Wars any pilot who said they were “ready to take on the whole Empire” before the fight started got shot down and died.


  1. “I was at home watching the video of my dance perfomance…”


The video of your dance performance is encoded with technical dance progress data that only your teacher can unlock.  Any attempt of you doing so can result in a meltdown of your dance confidence.

Think of this like:  Trying to fix something yourself that you’ve never actually fixed before. Your car, IKEA furniture, or your garbage disposal – to name a few.

  1. “The other students were telling me that I shouldn’t….”


Always, always, always consider the source. Arthur Murray students all want to help, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the intent 9 times out of 10. The delivery, however, can erode some of the construction that your teacher has started.

Think of this like:  Amateur golfers love to give other amateur golfers advice. The result is more amateur golf with just a bunch of extra stuff to think about.

  1. “Dancing just isn’t my thing.”


Are there things that you’re better at?  Sure. But you weren’t born being good at those things.  Chances are, you went through the same process, built up your skills, and forgot the rough parts of the journey.

Think of this like: The awkward use stage, in any hobby, is not sexy and something to brag about.  Keep pushing through it and dancing will catch up with your other hobbies.

  1. “I’m not trying to be a professional…”


Woah, woah, woah… there’s an application for that, and a totally different set of criteria.  In all fairness, this is common and usually takes place when you are beginning to learn dance technique that’s not just for basic dance survival.

Think of this like: In the words of traveling consultant, Bob Long, “you can enjoy a game of tennis without playing at Wimbledon”.  Translation – you don’t need to be a professional, or competitive, to be good at your hobby.

  1. “I’m too busy at work to come in for lessons”

No offense, but the reason why you could probably benefit from a dance lesson is because you are so busy at work.

Think of this like: That one time when you came up for air, visited the outside world, and went back to work much more productive.

For more ideas on how to mix work and dancing, we recommend:

  1. “I’m too busy at home to come in for lessons”


If you have kids, there’s never going to be a perfect time for a shower, let alone, dance lessons. Nevertheless, those small ventures into adult land help to maintain your sanity, and keep you at the top of your parenting game.

Think of this like: The last time you put something off that you really would have enjoyed, only to regret it.  (Like a shower, or a vacation)

For more tips on how great parents can become great dancers, we recommend:

  1. “I thought you said we were only doing that one more time.”


You’re right. This is one thing that dance teachers say that is rarely true… and in the time it took to point that out, you could have kept doing it.

Think of this like:  Whether it’s a personal trainer, dance teacher, midwife, or a tightrope walking specialist – “one more” really means, “one more, until the next time I say one more, until the job is done, and then you’ll forget how repetitive this seems.”

  1. “Why don’t I look like that dancer over there?”


Comparisons happen all the time, and they are rarely beneficial to you.  Unless the person you were comparing yourself to was a hologram of what you could be dancing like a few weeks from now – avoid making them.

Think of this like:

For more tips on Dance Comparisons, and how to overcome them we recommend:

  1. “How is it that a celebrity on Dancing With The Stars can learn a routine in less than one week, and it takes me this long?”


This is smoke and mirrors.  They can’t televise the 30 plus hours the celebrity worked on their routine, they only have time for a quick montage. Truth be told, only a small fraction of the celbrities continue dancing after the show is over.  Your dancing is built for long term use, not a flash-in-the-pan once a week performance.

Think of this like: Before and after photos make that diet pill seem so enticing – what they forget to tell you about is all the crunches you have to do.

  1. “I heard they offer cheaper lessons at the Rec center.”


They do, but there is a difference when you are taking lessons with full time dance professionals in a full time dance school.

Think of this like: Shopping around for a plastic surgeon. Cheaper is not always the best option.


  1. “You never seem to share much about your personal life.”


This is by design.  Your dance teacher’s top priority is helping you reach your goals in the most fun and productive manner possible.

Think of this like: Your doctor. They should be personable, but also professional with your goals in mind.  While margaritas may make your doctor more personable, it wouldn’t help in any other regard to your health.

  1. “I am so sick of all these new students.”


Hang on there champ. It wasn’t very long ago that you were one of those new students, and if more advanced students said the same thing, you may not have felt welcomed or comfortable.  New students are an opportunity to pay it forward, and they are the leaders and followers of tomorrow.

Think of this like:  Having a new sibling.


  1. “I don’t even know how I ended up here in the first place.”


Whatever hallucinogenic induced time portal brought you into the studio, chances are, your subconscious mind thought it necessary that you take dance lessons.

Think of this like:  Shopping for underwear, running into your neighbor, and pretending that you had no idea you were in the undergarments department.

  1. “I can dance already, just give me more flashy moves.”


Yoda, “and that is why you fail.” Only people who need dance lessons ask for “flashy moves”.

Think of this like: Trying to take a shortcut with learning a language, driving home, or cleaning your house when company is coming over.

  1. “I have two left feet.”


Upon close scientific inspection, you don’t. What you may be lacking in is dance instruction, and dance skill related humor… but you’re normal.

Think of this like: Anything that you’ve put off doing for a long time.  You need an out, a rationale. The two left feet argument has been around forever…. but we are putting a stop to it.


Final Thought

You could actually say all of these things to an Arthur Murray instructor today, all at once, and you could be better for it.  Just like weird drink orders for a seasoned barista, they’ve heard them all before. As problematic as this list may seem, the worst problem is not communicating at all.  Internalizing your concerns about your dance hobby is like bringing an anvil to a pool party.

Say something, or you may not have a chance to say anything to your dance teacher… even goodbye.


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