6 Myths About Dance Classes

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

Dance Class Myth #1:  “I wasn’t born a dancer”

Neither were we.  Dancers weren’t born dancers. Engineers weren’t born engineers.

Dancers, engineers, jugglers, magicians, school bus drivers, and every other occupation or skill takes lessons. We believe that there is a dancer in all of us. Our curriculum and dance classes can turn anyone into a dancer. So, in a sense, if you were ever born – then we can make you a dancer. Case closed.


Dance Class Myth #2:  “It will be too difficult”

In 1911, that’s what many would-be dance students were saying, and that’s where a young guy named Arthur Murray developed a ground-breaking solution. You see, with simple ingredients, he found that you could combine them to create any level of movement. Today, we still utilize the Four Basic Elements, and the motto remains the same: Walk in, and dance out.


Dance Class Myth #3:  “Lessons will be too expensive”

Anything that you’ve never tried is too expensive; Especially if you’re not sure if you’ll ever use it. So, until you take a free lesson for yourself, dance lessons could seem like one of those products at a mall kiosk, or something “too good to be true” on an infomercial. The solution is – to take a free lesson and dispel some of the myths about dance lessons and your ability to benefit from them.


Dance Class Myth #4:  “I don’t want to take a lesson until I’m ready”

This myth really begs the question:

“What are you waiting for?”

Like, seriously… is there a sign? A text message? An invitation from beyond the grave from Arthur Murray himself? There is never a perfect time to get married, go on vacation, have a baby, or take a dance lesson. You’ve just got to schedule it and will yourself (and your schedule) to be there.


Dance Class Myth #5  “I have no rhythm”

Well, let’s think this through. Let’s say you don’t have any milk at home. Rather than going to the store, you decide, instead, to tell everyone about this lack-of-milk problem. You opt to skip out on:

– the milk festivals
– the milk bash at work
– and the milk toast at your brother’s wedding

We carry milk, er… rhythm. In fact, we have an endless supply of rhythm, timing, and confidence.  It is stocked, and available, at our dance lesson superstore… or you can just keep talking about how you don’t have it.


Dance Class Myth #6 “I don’t have a partner”

This is actually a really great advantage. You see, if you love dancing, but don’t have a partner – chances are, you will:

– Unsuccessfully recruit a partner over a long period of time
– Successfully recruit an unwilling partner who will, then, recruit you back to the couch

Learning to dance on your own allows you to:

  1. Learn at your own pace
    2. Get a better workout
    3. Develop you into a dancer 10,000 times faster than it takes you to convince an unwilling partner


No matter what myths have held you back in the past – you can be dancing in 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, you’ll be a student. From there, it is just a matter of where you want to make your debut, and how good you want to look.


Happy Dancing!


To sign up for your first dance class click here!

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