Father Daughter Dance Solutions for Your Wedding

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

Father Daughter Dance Pic

She is a tough negotiator.

It doesn’t matter if she was 6, or 26… she drives a hard bargain, and both of you know it.

If there was one time in your life to learn how to dance, it should be for your daughter’s wedding.  Strike that… it will be for your daughter’s wedding.

Solution 1:  Ditch The Excuses

There are plenty of excuses one can use to avoid dancing:  Two left feet, a nagging injury, or just being too cool for it.  Unfortunately, all excuses become null and void when it comes to your daughter’s wedding.

As daunting as the dance floor may seem, it will never be as daunting as telling your daughter one of those “avoid-the-dance-floor” excuses you may have.  So instead of dance excuses, let’s replace that with dance solutions.


Solution 2: Hard Work

There’s a saying, “The pain of hard work is nowhere near as difficult as the pain of regret.”  Now, learning to dance at Arthur Murray for your daughter’s wedding won’t be as difficult, or painful, as you might think.  But there will be the pain of regret if you miss out on an opportunity like a Father Daughter dance.

Arthur Murray has successfully transformed fathers and daughters into dancers (not to mention mothers and sons).  The professional instructors can help you survive the day, or have a hobby for life – it’s up to you (or your daughter).

So, no matter how many weddings you attend, or how many daughters you have – this is, without question, the best excuse for getting on the dance floor.  But don’t take our word for it…

… just listen to your daughter.


Click here to sign up for your first father daughter dance lesson!


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