Vineyard Wedding Dance Ideas

Vineyard Wedding Dance Ideas

Vineyard Wedding


Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

A vineyard is a chic and creative location for your wedding, and if you love wine, very convenient as well.  So here are some potential wedding dances to choose from for your Sunset at the Vineyard wedding. 

Wedding at a Vineyard Dance #1:  Foxtrot

This is an all-purpose dance built for the first dance and reception. It’s classy, but not too serious.

Song Ideas

  • Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra
  • Cheeck to Cheek – Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
  • L-O-V-E – Michael Buble, Nat King Cole

Wedding at a Vineyard Dance #2:  Rumba

The ultimate slow dance fits perfectly with this sunset theme.  While it doesn’t travel the room like the ballroom dances, Rumba is more intimate, and, with enough time, can feature latin dance styling with the arms and hips. 

Song Ideas

  • Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love – Pink Martini
  • Whatcha Gonna Do – Smokey Robinson
  • Light My Fire – Jose Feliciano

Wedding at a Vineyard Dance #3:  Tango

Things get playful and dramatic when the Tango music starts to play.  Whether you go for an American Tango, featuring sharp, dramatic movement, or Argentine Tango, the sexier, more compact style of Tango – this will be an exciting and exotic approach to your first dance together as husband and wife.

Song Ideas

  • La Cumparsita
  • Ole Guapa
  • El Choclo 

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