Dancing with the Stars- The Grand Finale

Who is going to win? 

Fusion Challenge… 

Ginger and Val danced an Argentine Tango and Foxtrot to “Just Like Fire” by Pink and it was ok. She forgot a bit of her choreography. But overall did well. I guess she drew a blank. We’ve all been there and she, like a trooper, carried on. They scored 9,9,9, totalling 27.



Nyle and Peta danced a ChaCha and Tango to “Summer” by Calvin Harris and it was good. His footwork was a little poor but he had great timing and partnering.  He puts his all into everything he does. They scored 10,10,10 totalling 30.

Nyle and Peta


Paige and Mark danced a Jive and Salsa to “Little Bitty Pretty One” by Thurston Harris and it was amazing. Loved it very much. Great dance Mark.  They scored 10,10,10 totalling 30.

Paige and Mark


The final scores are in and the winner of the Mirror Ball is…


Nyle and Peta…Congratulations!!!



As Len said it, “If it was only about the dancing you (Paige) would win.” 

I must have missed the notice when the people needed to vote on “how good the story is behind the Dancing”  

Next time future contestants…get a better back story and the Mirror Ball might just be yours. 

Keep dancing!

Click here to learn to dance like your favourite pro!


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