Survive any Wedding Dance Reception with these 5 Ballroom Dances

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California









Imagine an inexpensive rented tuxedo.

Putting it on is a form of torture.  In fact, the last guy who wore it wrote that inside the cummerbund. You are more excited to take it off than to wear it to the wedding.

This is exactly what it feels like to attend a wedding reception with no ballroom dance lessons – A rented tux.  Now imagine custom tailored tuxedo you’ve purchased.  You, and an expert, have selected all the details. It fits perfectly, it’s pressed, and ready for anything.

That’s what a wedding reception, or any social function, feel like when you’ve had ballroom dance lessons. You can’t wait to find somewhere to use it.

Survive Any Wedding Reception With These 5 Ballroom Dances


This is your wedding reception dance floor Swiss Army Knife.  Whether the music is Big Band, Rock, or R&B – Swing will keep you secure on the dance floor in any social dance environment.


Weddings are filled with romance… imagine that.  So plan on a hefty dose of slow music.  While others are gently swaying side to side doing their best Junior prom impersonation, you’ll be dancing the Rumba.  The elevated, grown up way to slow dance.


Need to fake your way through some uptempo music?  How about an Electric Slide alternative? Whether it is EDM, Disco, or a conga line – Merengue is how a well trained dancer keeps their cool points when the music gets fast.


It’s the money dance and the DJ is in an eclectic kind of mood. His lineup is “L-O-V-E”, by Nat King Cole, “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” by Ella Fitzgerald, and “I Get A Kick Out Of You” by Frank Sinatra.

So your dance options are:  Foxtrot, Foxtrot, and then – Foxtrot.  With this dance you travel around the dance floor, look cooler than one of the Ocean’s 11, and can hold a pleasant conversation the entire time.

As essential as a wedding gift.


If you haven’t heard, Salsa is a pretty popular dance. This may not be the featured type of music for the DJ, the newlyweds, and her Dad picking up the tab.  When it is played, however, you need to be there.  It shows that you’ve got Latin Dance moves, you’re equipped with solid technique, and you’re hip enough to be one of the first dancers on the floor.

Final Thought

Learning to dance the right way is all about preparation.  You can’t control when your friends are getting married, but you can control if you RSVP to be there.  Can’t control the music they are playing, but you can control the variety of dances you know so you can dance to everything.  This list shows that you can be sophisticated, fun, hip, and can keep the party going.  Dancers like this get invited to more weddings.

You really should buy a tuxedo.

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