DWTS Week 8 – The Immunity and the Dance Off

Week 8 – The Immunity and the Dance Off


Carlos and Witney danced a Salsa in honour of Marc Anthony to “Valio La Pena” by Marc Anthony and it was pretty good for his first Salsa ever.  He needs to work on some technique with footwork and rib cage motion.  His hands kept slipping out of grip with his partner.  Overall, it was ok. They scored 9,9,9  totalling 27

Carlos and Witney

Alek and Lindsay danced a Contemporary Routine in honour of American Sniper Chris Kyle to “Holding Out For A Hero” by Ella Mae Bowen. It was very good.  However, one of the dismounts of the lift went wrong and she could of put more things for him to do versus just lifts- but it was nice to watch.  They scored 9,8,8 totalling 25

Alek and Lindsay

Andy and Allison danced a Viennese Waltz in honour of Stevie Wonder to “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. It was very good but Allison looked like she was pulling him along.  He needs to improve on his posture. Timing was off a bit as well. They scored 8,7,7, totalling 22.

Andy and Allison

Alexa and Mark danced an Argentine Tango in honour of David and Goliath to “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay and it was very good.  However, she slipped twice and it couldn’t be covered up. She did a great dance and portrayed the part well.  They scored 9,8,8 totalling 25.

Alexa and Mark

Nick and Sharna danced a Contemporary Routine in honour of his wife Lauren to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Haley Reinhart and it was so beautiful. I loved it! It was very moving and he danced it well. Some of his lines could of finished a little better, but overall I loved it. They scored 10,10,10 totalling 30

Nick and Sharna

Bindi and Derek danced a Foxtrot in honour of Grace Kelly  to “Grace Kelly” by Mika and it was very, very good. It was fun to watch. She gives it her all. She just needs to work on her shoulders, they rise a little too high.  They scored 10,9,9 totalling 28

Bindi and Derek

Tamar and Val danced a Paso Doble in honour of Toni Braxton to “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga and it was very good. I felt there was a disconnect. She also didn’t shape as much as she could of . They scored 9,9,10 totalling 28

Tamar and Val

Nick and Sharna won Immunity!!!

They automatically get 3 extra points.


Dance Off:

Bindi and Derek picked Carlos and Witney to dance a Jive. Carlos and Whitney get the 2 extra points.

Bindi and Derek vs Carlos and Witney

Tamar and Val picked Alexa and Mark to dance a Cha-Cha. Alexa and Mark get the 2 extra points.

Nick and Sharna vs Tamar and Val

Alek and Lindsay picked Andy and Allison to dance a Samba. Andy and Allison get the 2 extra points.

Alek and Lindsay vs Andy and Allison

The Elimination

Leaving tonight is:

Andy and Allison



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