DWTS Week 2: Night 2- The ProAm Partner’s Hometown Glory.

Week 2: Night 2 – The ProAm Partner’s Hometown Glory

Hayes and Emma danced a Quickstep to “Are You Going To Be My Girl ” by Jet and it was good. I have a problem with Hayes not wearing dance shoes in this number. He improved on his strides but he needs to work on frame and posture. But he kept up with the fast pace. They scored 8,7,8 totalling 23.

Carlos and Whitney danced a Cha Cha to “Hound Dog ” by Elvis Presley and it was very good. I liked the energy and he did keep up, he needs to work on his posture and apply pressure to the balls of his feet and on his straightening of his knees to prevent the squatness. They scored 7,7,7, totalling 22.

Gary and Anna danced a Paso Doble to “Overature 1812” by Chukovsky and it was not bad and not good either. He tried so much. He was most definitely in character. There was no Paso Doble but there was Gary-oble moves. They scored 5,5,5 totalling 15.

Andy and Allison danced a contemporary dance to “Heaven Is A Place On Earth ” by Belinda Carlisle and it was amazing and beautiful. That was a great dance for him. Good on him! They scored 8,8,7 totalling 23.

Alexa and Mark danced a Rumba to “Somewhere In Time ” by John Berry and it was super awesome. It so reminded me of his parents Corky and Shirley Ballas . She needs to work on her Cuban motion. It was a very elegant classy rumba. I loved it! They scored 7,7,8 totalling 22.

Paula and Luis danced a Tango to “Get Ready ” by The Temptation and it was okay. She did mess up in a couple of places. She was in character but she looked too stiff in this Tango.  They scored 6,6,6, totalling 18.

Bindi and Derek danced a Waltz to “Only Man” by Johnny Lang and it was really beautiful, I loved it but I would of loved to also see a traditional waltz. They really shouldn’t call it a waltz. They should call it a Contemporary Waltz. They scored 7,8,8 totalling 23.

Kim and Tony danced a Foxtrot to “Come Home ” by One Republic and it was pretty. She danced elegantly. She needs to work on finish her lines and glide more through the floor. They scored 6,6,6 totalling 18.

Alek and Lindsay danced a Quickstep to “American Girl” by L King and it was good. However these judges really suck. If Len was here he would say do not break contact through the dance. They broke it so many times. Their frame broke and so did posture. They scored 7,7,8 totalling 22.

Victor and Karina danced a Rumba to “Girl On Fire ” by Alicia Keys and it was good. He did a lot of lunging left and right and Karina danced around him. They needed more rumba content in the routine. They scored 7,6,7 totalling 20.

Nick and Sharna danced a Foxtrot to “I’m Coming Home ” by Skylar Grey and it was beautiful, I loved it. Great choreography. Nice flow in the movement. Needs to work on posture and frame. They scored 8,8,8 totalling 24.

Tamar and Val danced a Charleston to “Living In New York City ” by Robin Thicke and it was very, very good. She had great musicality. The side by side sequence was on point. Well done!! They scored 8,8,9 totalling 25.

The Elimination:

Leaving tonight is:

Victor and Karina


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