DWTS Week 2: Hometown Glory

Week 2: Hometown Glory

Hometown Glory means all contestants must choose a song that reflects their hometown.

Everyone is doing 2 dances tonight.

Nick and Sharna danced a Jive to “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy From Company B” by the Andrew Sisters and it was a very good routine but he had a hard time with proper footwork. He slipped in the beginning and it just might of gotten him thrown off. They scored 7,7,7 totalling 21.


Paula and Luis danced a Rumba to “Going Back To Georgia ” by Gladys Night And The Pips and it was very good.  So much better than last week. She had some balance issues but she did look sexy! Go girl! Needs to apply more pressure to the floor. They scored 7,6,6 totalling 19.

Hayes and Emma danced a Foxtrot to “This Is How We Roll “by Florida Georgia Line and it was ok. He had frame connection problems, but he was gliding through his movements. He needed to straighten through his centre a little more. They scored 8,7,7 totalling 22.

Chaka Kahn and Keo danced a Foxtrot to “Chicago” by Frank Sinatra and it was ok. Keo needed to put her in hold and move the poor woman. She gets lost when left on her own. She looked so beautiful in her gown. They scored 5,5,5 totalling 15.

Andy and Allison danced a Jive to “Only The Good Die Young ” by Billy Joel and it was ok . Wow these teachers really need to think of the students. Putting flashy things in the choreography doesn’t make the dance if the student can’t do it probably. Poor guy , they say he got off time but Allison put him off time . Not fair… They scored 7,7,7 totalling 21.

Kim and Tony danced a Quickstep to “Queen Bee” by Rochelle Diamante and it was very good. It was quick and fast and she kept up … awesome! Good on her! She looked very elegant and needs to work on footwork. They scored 7,6,6 totalling 19.

Alek and Lindsay danced a Jazz routine to “Don’t Stop Believing ” by Journey and it was amazing, I didn’t want it to stop! He had great partnering skills and he went in and out of lifts without hesitation. Loved it!!! They scored 8,7,8 totalling 23.

Alexa and Mark danced a Salsa to “Le Lo Lay” by Bobby Capo and it was very very good, I would of liked to have seen some more Salsa in it but it was moving and she was sexy through her movement. They scored 8,8,8 totalling 24.

Victor and Karina danced a Jive to “La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens and it was ok. On the bright side it made me laugh. But he tried to jive. He lost energy and it was off time. But I enjoyed watching it. They scored 6,5,6 totalling 17.

Tamar and Val danced a Cha Cha to “We Are Family ” by Sister Sledge and it was amazing. I liked it a lot, it was elegant. She needs to work on foot action and leg action. Loved the routine! They scored 8,8,8 totalling 24.

Gary and Anna danced a Foxtrot to “Wouldn’t It Be Nice ” by Beach Boys it was good. He kept up with the music and choreography. He needs work on frame, footwork and posture. But overall not bad. They scored 6,6,6 totalling 18.

Carlos and Whitney danced a Foxtrot to “Home” by Blake Shelton and it was elegantly beautiful!!! He had developed good frame, he dropped once only. He finished the lines beautifully. Great posture and nice gliding of feet. Loved it!!!! They scored 8,8,8 totalling 24.

Bindi and Derek danced a Tango to “You Shook Me All Night Long” by ACDC and it was amazing!!! Fantastic way to end the evening!!! There was just a little disconnect with connection in frame. I loved it!!! They scored 9,8,8 totalling 25.

Tonight’s elimination…

Going home is…

Chaka and Keo

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