A Poem For Everyone With Two Left Feet

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

Having two left feet

Is more normal than not

We have great teachers that fix this

and they fix it a lot.


They use moves that you use

and are hard to forget

This is news that your shoes

will never regret.


Arthur Murray has a plan

and it’s really quite simple

It will make the toughest man

learn to dance with a dimple.


“To change people’s lives

on and off the dance floor.”

makes you happier and healthier

than ever before.


All it takes is some time

You just need to be brave

But you don’t need dressy clothes,

fancy shoes, or a shave.


Your extra left foot

Will turn into a right

It will happen quite fast

and you could do it… tonight.

Happy Dancing

Get Started Now !

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