Written by Bobby Gonzalez – featured contributor to ArthurMurrayLive.com

You’ve made the call and booked your first dance lesson. But now you’re wondering what comes next. We’ll help you get started; follow these 5 steps for a great dance lesson.

1.  Turn up the tunes: Listen to some fun and exciting music on your way to your lesson to put you in a dancing frame of mind. Anything from Pitbull to Frank Sinatra. Sometimes a mental warm-up is more important than a physical warm -up

2.  Bring the right shoes: There’s an old saying this is “a good dancer can dance in any shoes”. And yes this is true; but don’t forget you’re going to the studio for a lesson to learn to be a great dancer (in my next article, I will be discussing the different types of ballroom dance shoes in more depth).

Here are my recommendations: a smooth shoe which is closed toed, a rhythm shoe which is open toed, a practice shoe which is more like a man’s shoes but with a higher heel.  For men I recommend a Latin shoe or a smooth shoe.

3.  Show up 10-15 minutes early: This will give you time to check in, change your shoes, visit with some friends, and warm-up.

4.  Warm-up:  In most videos it’s okay to warm up on the dance floor even if there are other lessons going on. Start with some simple knee bends to practice your Cuban motion, or practice holding in your center for posture or even a couple basic figures, this way you will go into your lesson ready to learn.

5.  Take a few notes: Using the notes feature on a smart phone is a great way to take track your dancing progress and notate important tips. See your teacher about how to take effective notes.

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