Dancing with the Stars: Week 10 – The Finale

DWTS: Week #10 – The Finale…The three remaining couples go head to head for the Mirror Ball Trophy

Noah and Sharna’s encore dance is the Argentine Tango they did, they got 2 7’s and 2 8’s. Let’s see if they got better. His posture has improved as well as his frame. But they had balance issues, but good overall. They scored 8,8,8,8, totalling 32.

Riker and Allison’s encore dance is the Pirate Paso Doble, they received 2 9’s and 2 10’s. Let see if they can get all 4 10’s. Still love this number, amazing choreography and he is such a good dancer. He had better movement and better control. Love it, love it, love it. They scored 10,10,10,10 totalling 40.

Rumer and Val’s encore dance is the Foxtrot, they received 4 8’s. Let see if they have improved since week 1. She immensely improved. She dances like a dream. Great movement and technique. They scored 10,10,10,10 totalling 40.

Now to the freestyles….

Noah and Sharna’s freestyle was a contemporary routine to “Titanium” by David Guetta featuring Sia and it was very good. The choreography was amazing to watch. He has come so far and he improved in his sensitive side and was able to tell his story. They scored 10,10,10,10 totalling 40.

Riker and Allison’s freestyle was a medley of different dances from Foxtrot to Jazz to Vaudeville to Charleston to Lindy Hop to Tap to Acro to Hip Hop to Pop & Lock and ended with some good old Michael Jackson. He danced to “I Won’t Dance” by Fred Astaire and it was amazing, fantastic and incredible! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again he was born in the wrong era. He is super!!!! I loved it!!!! They scored 10,10,10,10 totalling 40.

Rumer and Val’s freestyle was a contemporary Tango to “Tocic” by Rumer Willis and it was amazing! Great lines, great dancing just great!!! They scored 10,10,10,10 totalling 40.

Tomorrow we will see who wins!!!


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