Dancing with the Stars Week 6- Spring Break

Dancing with the Stars Week 6- Spring Break

Each couple has their own individual round then they have their first Team Dance, resulting in a Double Elimination next week. No one to be eliminated tonight.

Patty and Artem danced a Quickstep to “Heat Wave” by Martha Reeves and Vandellas and it was very good considering she lost her shoe right in the beginning of the choreography. She kept on dancing without a hitch. She had a smile on her face and a spring in her step. Good for you!!! They scored 8,7,7,7 totalling 29.

Nastia and Derek danced a Tango to “Summer” by Calvin Harris and it was very, very good. But there was no connection between the two of them during their dance. It needed more fire and passion. During the pivots she came off the floor and wasn’t connected through the knees. They scored 9,8,8,9 totalling 34.

Willow and Mark danced a Salsa to “Tequila” by Xavier Cougat and his Orchestra and it was very, very good but the expression on her face was like “what’s next” . She needed to be more grounded and earthy through the movements. Great lifts. They scored 9,8,8,9 totalling 34.

Robert and Kim danced a Jive to “Surfing Safari” by the Beach Boys and it was good. He danced it very flat footed and off time. It was an improvement from last week. They scored 7,7,7,7 totalling 28.

Noah and Sharna danced a Rumba to “Waves” by Mr. Probe and it was very good. The dance had a little hiccup, they stopped dancing. He had good hip action but he did a lot of second positions, it really didn’t move anywhere. They scored 7,7,7,8 totalling 29.

Rumer and Val danced a Jazz routine to “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child and it was amazing. Awesome routine! Great character portrayal. Loved it! They scored 8,8,7,9 totalling 32.

Chris and Whitney danced a Viennese Waltz to “Hopelessly Devoted To You” by Olivia Newton John and it was so good. I can’t believe he had such good musicality and moved with fluidity but lacked technique. I enjoyed it so much! Good for you!! They scored 8,7,8,8 totalling 31.

Riker and Allison danced a Samba to “Want To Want Me” by Jason Derulo and it was very good but a little frantic. They had a lot of material but needed better technique. Fantastic hip action and timing. They scored 10,8,9,10 totalling 37.

Before entering the team match couples Noah and Sharna, Robert and Kim, Patty and Artem and Riker and Allison are in jeopardy.

Team Match:

Team Yolo featuring: Nastia and Derek, Noah and Sharna, Robert and Kim and Willow and Mark. They danced to “Wipe Out” by the Safaris and it very, very good. They were very sync. Individual performances had some hiccups, but still very good! They scored 10,9,10,10 totalling 39.

Team Trouble featuring: Patty and Artem, Rumer and Val, Riker and Allison and Chris and Whitney. They danced to “Trouble” by Iggy Azalea featuring Jennifer Hudson and it was very, very good. I loved the concept. They didn’t have a lot of tandem movements but it was cleverly choreographed. It was awesome. They scored 10,9,10,10 totalling 39.

Going home tonight is:

Patty and Artem.

Sorry to see her go.

Keep Dancing! 🙂


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