Dancing with the Stars Week 5- Disney Night

Dancing with the Stars Week 5- Disney Night



Safe this week is Robert and Kim.  Suzanne and Tony are in jeopardy.

Suzanne and Tony chose the movie “The Lady And The Tramp”. They danced a Jazz routine to “He’s A Tramp” by Oliver Wallace and Peggy Lee, and it was very good up until she got her heel caught in her dress. She did some great lifts, nice lines…but oh well. Let’s see what they get. They scored 7,7,7,7, totalling 28.

Robert and Kym chose the movie “Mary Poppins”. They danced a quickstep to “Step In Time” by Dick Van Dyke, and it was good. He wasn’t in the pocket of the beat. The footwork wasn’t very good. They needed to really practice this number like they did with last week’s Waltz. They scored 6,6,6,6 totalling 24.

Next in jeopardy is Chris and Whitney.

Safe is Willow and Mark.

Patty and Artem are also in jeopardy.

Patti and Artem chose the movie “Pinocchio”. They danced a waltz to “When You Wish Upon A Star” by Cliff Edwards and it was good. She is dancing very well for her age. She has posture and elegant with a touch of romance. She needs to work on footwork and rise and fall. They scored 7,6,7,7 totalling 27.

Willow and Mark chose the movie “Alice In Wonderland”. They danced a Foxtrot to “Alice In Wonderland” by The Jud Conlon Chorus, and it was very, very good. It was mystical and whimsical. She played the part so well and Mark…all I can say is wow! This was not a typical Foxtrot, do on this aspect I need to say it needed more Foxtrot material. Very creative. They scored 8,8,9,9 totalling 34.

Chris and Whitney chose the movie “Hercules”. They danced a Quickstep to “Zero To Hero” by the Disney Collection Volume 1 and it was good considering his injury. It started off a little rough and it got better as it went along. His frame was better but the rhythm was a little off. They scored 7,6,7,7 totalling 27.

Nastia and Derek, Rumer and Val, Noah and Sharna , Riker and Alison are all safe.

Noah and Sharna chose the movie “Aladdin”. They danced a Foxtrot to “A Whole New World” by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle and it was very good…when he got to dance. She danced all by herself for 8 bars of music…are you kidding me? He has better frame than some other contestants. He was doing the pivot turns, so let the man dance. As for Len’s comment about “lacking the elements of the foxtrot” …news flash Sharna didn’t put it in!!! They scored 7,7,7,7 totalling 28. Shame!

Riker and Allison chose the movie “Pirates Of The Caribbean”. They danced a Paso Doble to “He’s A Pirate” by Klaus Badelt and it was an awesome dance! He did so well but Allison needs to learn how to partner him better. It had everything in it, the technique, the showmanship, the character and the frame. They scored 10,9,9,10 totalling 38.

Rumer and Val chose the movie “The Little Mermaid”. They danced a Samba to “Poor Unfortunate Souls” by Pat Carroll and it was very, very good..but not much a Samba. It had no bounce, no ticking action and no hip action. They had Samba material and danced the moves with sharpness but musicality was not completely in the pocket. Are the judges smoking something? Who were they watching? They scored 10,9,10,10 totalling 39.

Nastia and Derek chose the movie “Frozen”. They danced a Jazz routine to “Life Is An Open Door” by Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana and it was very good. Would like to have seen more dancing. The lifts were executed beautiful. They scored 9,9,10,10 totalling 38.

Going home tonight is…

Suzanne and Tony.

It was wonderful to watch her grow in dance!

Keep dancing!!! 🙂


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