Dancing with the Stars: Week 4 – The Stars Share Their Most Memorable Moments

dwts season 20 week 4 lineup


Nastia and Derek are safe and she chose the year she represented the United States in the Beijing olympics. They danced an Argentine Tango to “Dark Eyes” by Lara St. John and it was amazing. Wow totally amazing, breath taking and fantastic. Left speechless! Great way to open the night. Feel bad for whoever has to follow.  They scored 9,8,9,10 totaling 36.



Next couple who is safe is Robert and Kym. Riker and Allison as well as Michael and Peta are in jeopardy.

Michael chose the moment  when he publicly announced he was gay to the world and his father denounced his relationship with his son. They danced a Rumba to “I’m Not My Father’s Son” by Billy Porter and Stark Sands and it was beautiful and emotional. He had some good lines in there but he was a little heavy on the feet. He needs to use the rolling of his feet to connect to the floor. Very good hip action. They scored 7,7,8,8 totaling 30.



Riker chose the moment when his band took off because he and his brothers had to work extra hard to finally make it on the radio. They danced a Tango to “Shut Up And Dance With Me” by Walk the Moon and it was good. I felt like he was carrying her around. He looked more professional than she did. He has great musicality. It’s obviously not in her wheel house . They scored 8,8,9,9 totaling 34.



Robert chose the moment when his biggest supporter with an unconditional love, his mother, passed away from stage 4 cancer. They danced a Waltz to “The Last Waltz” by Engelbert Humperdinck and it was pretty. The timing was a little off. He has a nice frame but needs to work on his striding and rise and fall. They scored 8,9,8,9 totaling 34



Chris and Whitney are safe along with Patty and Artem also Rumer and Val.


Chris chose the moment when he met Whitney and asked her to be his wife. They danced a Rumba to “The Book Of Love” by Gavin James and it was pretty. He had some good lines but on others he needed to finish his arms. It lacked connection with his dance partner, Witney. It needed a little more Rumba material. They scored 7,6,7,7 totaling 27.



Patti chose the moment when her son was born. The song she chose was one she made in that very same year. But according to Patti, if she knew she was going to be dancing to it in 2015, she would of recorded it slower! She cracks me up!  :-).  They danced a Jazz routine to “Dan Swit Me” by Patti LaBelle and it was good. She knows how to shake it and have super fun. It just needed more content. They scored 8,7,7,8 totaling 30.



Rumer chose the moment when her sister Tallulah was able to help her through the bullying she was getting from the media. She was always being compared to her beautiful mother Demi Moore and being told that she looked like her masculine father, Bruce Willis. They danced a waltz to “Turning Tables” by Adele and it was good. It was a little too staccato for me. It needed to flow with light and feathery movements. She had some balance issues as well. They scored 9,8,9,9 totaling 35

Rumer and Val week 4


Next couple who is safe is Noah and Sharna. Willow and Mark are in jeopardy. Suzanne and Tony are also safe.


Suzanne chose the moment when she got the part as Chrissy on the greatest TV show of all time, Three’s Compan. They danced a Foxtrot to “Three’s Company Too” by Dominik Hauser and it was good, light and flowy. It brought back so many memories. She needs to work on her posture. They scored 7,7,7,7 totaling 28.



Willow chose the moment when she got the role in Hunger Games. They danced a Contemporary routine to “Atlas” by Coldplay and it was awesome…wow. It was fantastic and incredible. They scored 10,9,10,10 totaling 39.



Noah chose the moment when he lost his arm and leg and how he had to struggle to get some semblance of a life back. They danced a contemporary routine to “American Soldier” by Toby Keith and it was very good. He partnered her well. I’m not sure why she doesn’t give him more stuff to do- He’s so talented. Sharna just lets him stand there and dances around him. It bothers me because we have a disabled student here at the studio as well and we never let her disability get in the way of content. Sharna needs to have more faith in his ability and not disability. They scored 8,8,8,8 totaling 32.



Going home tonight is:

Michael and Peta going home

Michael and Peta.

Keep dancing!  🙂

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