Dancing with the Stars: Week 3 – Latin Night

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Rumer and Val are dancing a disco Salsa to “Turn The Beat Around” by Gloria Estefan and it was good. I found timing issues but it was well executed. Would have loved to see her enjoy the dance from the beginning of the routine instead of half way through. They scored 8,9,8,8 totaling 33.



Charlotte and Keo are dancing a Rumba to “Empire” by Shakira and it was ok . The dance was pretty but she did it all on straight legs which made it lack hip action. She needed to be in the moment with the choreography. They scored 6,5,5,6 totaling 22.



Michael and Peta are dancing a Salsa to “Celebrate” by Pitbull. It was good but he needed to keep moving his feet in order to keep time and keep his hips moving. The lifts were good however the entry and exit out of them were stop and go, they scored 6,6,6,6 totaling 24.



Riker and Allison are dancing a Salsa to “Limbo” by Daddy Yankee and it was amazing. Wow, had no idea that he can move like that- that Salsa was fast. Wow did I say that already??? He has a chance, he just needs more technique. They scored 9,7,9,9 totaling 34.



Suzanne and Tony are dancing a Samba to “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow and it was ok. They had a few mistakes and they tried to get back on track but they finished early. She had a lot of fun dancing it. And that’s all that matters. They scored 6,6,6,7 totaling 25.



Chris and Witney are dancing an Argentine Tango to “Dangerous” by David Guetta and it was a dangerous choreography. He was a little hunched over in frame but he partnered her well. There was passion and connection in the dance. He just needs some improvement in his turns. They scored 7,7,7,7 totaling 28.



Robert and Kim are dancing a Rumba to “How Long Will I Love You” by Ellie Goulding and it was beautiful to watch. Some parts were stiff but he lead that very manly. He definitely played the character very well.  50 Shades of Grey, if you’re looking for a new leading man…Robert’s your guy! Very sexy. Although it did need better hip action and technique. They scored 7,7,8,7 totaling 29.



Patty and Artem are dancing a Cha-Cha to “Oye 2014” by Santana featuring Pitbull and it was good. I would have liked to see more Cha Cha. She is really good but the choreography didn’t show it. She has it in her but there was no chance to see it. They scored 6,5,5,6 totaling 22.



Willow and Mark are dancing a Paso Doble to “Hanuman” by Rodrigo Y Gabriela and it was ok. It lacked frame and a lifted top line. It needed a lot of technique but the execution of the choreography was very good. She is slowly learning to dance and if given the chance she will go a long way. They scored 8,8,8,8 totaling 32.



Noah and Sharna are dancing an Argentine Tango to “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit and it was very good. In the beginning he just stood there and she danced around him, but then he started to dance and he was amazing. Wow he partnered her so well. The lifts were amazing. No disability just incredibility . They scored 7,7,8,8 totaling 30.



Nastia and Derek danced a Samba to “Chillando Goma” by Fulanito and it was good but it looked a little stiff and it lacked complete and full Cuban motion. She needs to improve on technique but she had a great time dancing it. They scored 9,8,9,8 totaling 34.



Leaving the show tonight is:


Charlotte and Keo.

Sorry to see her go, keep dancing!  🙂

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