Resolutions for Dance Couples

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective.

Learning to dance with your partner can be incredibly rewarding.

Sometimes getting caught up in the world of “dance problems” can cause any couple to lose sight of that.

So, for some their “dance problem” is that they can’t get their partner to get off the couch and take a lesson.

For others, their “dance problem” is a minor footwork flaw that sounds more catastrophic than it really is.

The common denominator:  Perspective.

Dance Couples – take a look.  Even better, read these aloud and renew your Dance Couple wedding vows with them when the clock strikes midnight.

Dance Couples Resolution #1:  DANCE VACATION

We will plan some type of dance vacation together in 2015.

Couples Dance Vacation

Dance Couples Resolution #2:  DUAL ADVANTAGE

As a dance couple, we will work with both a male and female instructor to improve our ability to lead and follow each other.

Dance Couples Resolution #3: NEVER AGAIN!

In 2015 we will not make any excuse, turn down any offer, or shy away from an invitation to dance.

Dance Couples Resolution #4: CHEAT DEATH!!!

We will try a dance we have never done before… even if it (sort of) kills us

Dance Couples Resolution #5: GET OVER IT

In 2015 we will accept more praise and encouragement from our teachers without skepticism.

Dance Couples Resolution #6:  BOSSY PANTS

As a dance couple, we will allow our teacher to do the teaching.  This even counts in the living room.

Arthur Murray Couples Resolutions






Dance Couples Resolution #7:  THERAPY

In 2015 we will take a “Dance it out” approach to all of life’s problems (whenever possible).

Dance Couples Resolution #8: DANCE OUTREACH

As a dance couple, we will take on a secret dance outreach program to all of our friends (couples and otherwise) who need a little Arthur Murray in their lives.

Dance Outreach

Dance Couples Resolution #9:  MARATHON + REWARD

We will attempt a marathon day of lessons at Arthur Murray… and celebrate with gobs of ice cream. Every. Single. Time.

Dance Marathon Reward








Dance Couples Resolution #10:  TRUE PERSPECTIVE

As a dance couple, in 2015 we will take a moment to laugh and reflect on our very first dance lesson together and how close we came to canceling it.

There are so many things that could have prevented you and your partner from taking dance lessons together at Arthur Murray.  If you want to eliminate “dance complaints” about your partner in 2015, think about those moments, those distractions, the events in your life that could have ended your dance progress – before you could even call it that.

Laughing is incredibly effective.  If you can laugh off something that, at some point was a “serious dance problem”, then that’s evidence of growth, and progress.

So, whether this is your first New Year as a dance couple, or your 50th, this is a gift that not many people have a chance to share with someone.  Here’s to keeping the right perspective, and much more Happy Dancing together in 2015.




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