Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California

Why do we do it?

Sabotage! We bail out of things that could be so great for us.  We cancel, reschedule, and avoid potentially great things.  This article will attempt to flush those things out, combat them with the truth, and give you some pearls of wisdom along the way.

Do you think you have you heard some Bad Excuses for Avoiding Dance Lessons?  Well we picked our top five bad excuses, so you never have to use them.


Bad Excuse #5:  “I don’t have a partner”

Truth:  You don’t need a partner.  In fact, you learn faster, get better exercise, and develop into a dancer faster when you work one on one with an instructor.  Why?  Because the focus of the lesson is completely on you.

Consider:  If you have someone that you would like to have as your dance partner, the easiest way to make that fantasy a reality is for you to take the initiative.  After all, if it were their idea, you’d be dancing already.

Bottom line:  You don’t need a partner to learn and enjoy ballroom and latin dancing.

Bad Excuse #4:  “I have two left feet”


Dear Extra Left Foot,

We can make it right.


Arthur Murray


Consider:  Dancing is something you must learn, like a language. Everyone who comes to Arthur Murray starts out feeling that way.  Even Arthur Murray himself, the man, the myth, the legend, developed his system because he was awkward when it came to dancing.

Bottom line:  If you don’t have two left feet when you come in, then you’re probably a ringer.  If you still have two left feet when you leave, you probably got the address wrong.

Bad Excuse #3:  I don’t have time.

Fact:  You are busy.  We know that.  However, we make time for things that we know, we enjoy, and we do not fear.  Think of how much time you set aside for sexy things like dentist’s appointments, jury duty, or anything involving the DMV?  After your first lesson, you’ll see that learning how to dance at Arthur Murray is much easier, less weird, and way more enjoyable – and you’ll gladly cancel your next dentist appointment in place of a dance lesson.

Consider:  Arthur Murray has such a diverse group of people from every profession imaginable, from Mayors, to Moms, NFL players, to surgeons – and everything in between.  If we can make their schedules work, we can make sure yours does too.

Bottom Line:  We are always too busy for things that we don’t know, enjoy, or understand.

Bad Excuse #2:  “Where am I ever going to use it anyway?”

Fact:  You will know the answer to this question once you learn how to dance.

Consider:  Fisherman know the best fishing spots.  Shoppers know the best sales on black Friday.  Teenage boys know the best places to hit on teenage girls… well, maybe that last one is a stretch.

Bottom line:  Learn to dance, and your social dancing calendar will begin to fill.

Bad Excuse #1:  “I don’t know how to dance.”

Fact:  As crazy as this may sound, many humans feel this way.  There is some fear about walking into a dance studio as a non-dancer.  We commonly refer to ourselves as a dance studio, but, in reality – we are a school.  Arthur Murray’s system is specifically designed to teach non-dancers how to dance.  Period.

Consider:  I once almost weaseled out of a golf lesson for the exact same reason.  “I’m going to wait until I’m a better golfer.” Until my wife said, “but that’s why you take golf lessons! To learn how to be a better golfer.”  Point, set, match.

Bottom line:  Although the jitters may show up, this is much easier than a karaoke night, or a first date because Arthur Murray is a school.  You don’t have to impress anyone other than yourself.  The patient, professional staff work with brand new students all the time and will have you up and dancing within the first 10 minutes of your lesson.

Maybe we got the top 5 bad excuses for avoiding dance lessons right, but if we didn’t – let us know.  If you have something that has been holding you back from experiencing your first dance lesson, tell us about it.  There are plenty of reasons people give, but the one that may be in your way will always be the most important.  If we can conquer that one, then that’s all that matters.

Happy Dancing!

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