DWTS: Week 1

Antonio Sabàto Jr. and Chery danced a Cha Cha for their first dance and considering they were the first out it wasn’t bad. Slightly stiff, proper footwork and hip movements were missing. He scored 6,6, 6,7 leaving him with a score of  25.


Lea Thompson and Artem danced a Foxtrot.  Considering this was their first dance of the season it was really beautifully danced. There was some balance and postural issues but nothing that a little practice won’t fix.  Artem did a fantastic routine with her and he followed the rules wonderfully. Lea’s scored 8,8,8,8 leaving them with a finale score of 32.

Janel Parrish and Val danced a Jive. Their dance was okay. She can definitely play the character no problem.  The non dancing parts were hot but the actual Jive needed a bit more technique. And I have to say the couple picked a fantastic song to dance to!  Janel scored 7,7,7,8 leaving the couple with a score of 29.

Lolo Jones and Keo danced a Cha Cha. This dance was hard to watch because I felt her awkwardness. She tried so hard to move her body but it looked a little stiff. Even though she messed up she kept it going, which was great! Their finale scores were 6,6,5,5 leaving them with a total of 22.

Betsey Johnson and Tony danced a Cha Cha and it was surprisingly not bad. It was interesting enough to keep our attention. For what she did was pretty good and then it went all wrong with the boa. Bad luck! She scored 5,5,5,5, leaving the couple with a score of 20.


Tavis Smiley and Sharna danced a Foxtrot and it was okay. Some parts were ok but he didn’t dance in frame long enough to see posture and balance. Travis needs to work on his footwork. He scored 7,7,8,7 leaving them with a score of 29.

Sadie Robertson and Mark danced a Cha Cha and it was very good for her first dance; considering that she isn’t allowed to express herself publicly. She had some pretty nice lines. Really Len… “Quack Quack you will be back” ?!? She scored 8,8,9,9, totalling 34.


Michael Waltrip and Emma danced a Cha Cha and it was interesting. He finished the dance but needed better footwork because there wasn’t any… It looked like swing more than Cha Cha. He scored 7,6,6,6, totalling 25.


Jonathan Bennett and Allison danced a Jive and it was pretty good and great enthusiasm.  He kept up with the stamina and footwork was bad. Could of had recoil with his flicks and kicks. He scored a 8,7,7,8 totalling 30.


Tommy Chong and Peta danced a Cha Cha and he did a pretty decent job. I was impressed because I expected a train wreck. And he was all in character.  He scored 7,6,7,7 totalling 27.


Randy Couture and Karina danced a Foxtrot and it was smooth. Needs some works on upper body frame which is top line, his shoulders were down. It looked some what fluid, he scored 8,7,8,8 totalling a 31.


Bethany Motta and Derek danced a Jive and it was very good. She had great kicks and flicks with great recoil action. Just when she stopped movement she really stopped dead cold. Needs more fluidity between action and movement. She scored 8,8,8,8 leaving them with a 32.


Alfonso Ribeiro and Whitney danced a Jive it was fantabulous nothing to say but Wow, Wow, Wow !!! Way to go Alfonso !! He scored 9,9,9,9 leaving the couple with a total of 36, which was the highest score of the night! Great Job!!

Tune in tomorrow night for the results show where one couple will be eliminated. 🙂

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