What do women really want from men on the dance floor?

The 5 Things Women Want on the Dance Floor

Couple Snuggling

Article by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California: http://arthurmurraylive.com/

Trying to figure out what Couple Snugglingwomen want can be a lifelong journey.  It’s a riddle, a mystery, it adds to their mystique.  Now, for a time, that may have also been the case on the dance floor – but not anymore.  Take note, as this message will surely get intercepted for its “de-mystifying” value.  Here are the 5 things women want on the dance floor.

Sure, you may be saying, the answer is always some shirtless Eastern European Latin dancer from TV, but let’s just say that’s not an option.

After reading this article, you may find that you won’t need to be a shirtless wonder to capture the attention of the mystical dance woman in your life.  So, whether you’re a new dancer learning the ropes, or an experienced dancer who wants to unlock the mystery – it’s time we shed some light on what women really want.  Here are the 5 things women want on the dance floor.


What women want on the dance floor =  Turns

Dancing in a closed frame the entire time is a bit like working in a windowless office.  She needs air!  Turns, spins, and rotation are her windows.  Who are we kidding, it’s oxygen.  So, open things up so she doesn’t leave looking for a better “view”.

What women want on the dance floor =  Decisiveness

This is just like dating.  The dance version of, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” will ensure that she’ll be busy “washing her hair” the next time you ask her out to dance.

What women want on the dance floor =  Sensitivity

This is not a license to be an emotional wreck.  Think of it this way, if dancing is a conversation set to music… make sure you never yell.  You can be decisive, even macho, without being overly physical.  A vice grip is not what she had in mind when she mentioned “a strong lead”.  So hold her the way you’d hold the steering wheel to an Aston Martin, or a Michael Jordan rookie card – with sensitivity.

What women want on the dance floor =  Mystery

Being clear is important, but being predictable eliminates mystery (a nice substitute for “boring”).  Followers are dance-hackers.  They pick up tendencies and make predictions.  Changing up your dance-habits will keep her hanging on your every move.

What women want on the dance floor =  You!

Whether you’re brand new, or a seasoned dancer, the most important thing she wants on the dance floor is YOU – the special guy in her life.  She’ll take an unmysterious, turn-a-phobic, indecisive dance version of you any day of the week.  So put your umbrella drink down and get on the dance floor tough guy.


Congratulations, you unlocked the mystery.  You now know what women want on the dance floor.  Now it’s up to you to deliver the goods . There are probably, okay, definitely, more than 5 things women want on the dance floor, but the list we’ve chosen is tried and true.  So, you have the list – now what?  Well, in the words of Kathryn Murray, “the hardest step you’ll ever take is the first one through the door.”  So, guys – tackle #1, and then we can talk about making you look like a shirtless Eastern European once that one’s finished.


Happy Dancing!


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