What to Expect on your First Wedding Dance Lesson


Article by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California: http://arthurmurraylive.com/

Here is a step by step guide, along with bits of advice, for all the brides and grooms taking the most important first step (pun intended) toward a great wedding dance and reception.


Step One:  Scheduling Your Free Consultation

Let’s just get this out of the way.  No one ever says, “I’m glad I waited until the last minute to do this!”  So, arrange your free consultation early in the process.  All it costs you is 45 minutes and it could actually relieve wedding planning stress!


Step Two:  What to bring to your consultation

– Your fiancee

– A pair of heels for the woman and a pair of dress shoes for the man (don’t bring your actual wedding shoes until a week or two before)

– Reception Information

-An open mind

– Your wallet (signing up for your lessons right away increases your wedding dance success rate by 1000%)


Step Three:  Who You’ll Meet

You will meet three really important people:

The Administrator who scheduled your lessons.  They will be at the desk to greet you, get you situated and give you a wedding consultation page to fill out.

The New Student Director.  Think of this person as your guidance counselor.  They will act as a guide for both you and your teacher.  They are the expert coaches for all things in the new student department.

Wedding Specialist.  Your Wedding Specialist is also a “new student specialist”.  That means, they teach people everyday who have rarely, or never, stepped foot on a dance floor.  They will be the primary person working with you on your wedding dance and will build it from the basis on up.


Step Four:  Let’s Get Moving

Your Wedding Specialist will start the appointment by getting to know what you have in mind dance-wise for your wedding reception.  From there – it’s time to move.  They will:

– Introduce you to the basic ingredients of dancing

– Create some simple patterns that you can do right away – to music, no less

– Have you dancing together within the first 10 minutes of your appointment to some basics

– By the end of the appointment, your specialist will recommend program that best fits your vision for your wedding dance and reception.


Step Five:  Make it Official

Your Wedding Specialist shares his recommendation with you and the New Student Director.  From there, the New Student Director (or Counselor) will help you arrange your tuition and schedule.  While you’re walking out with your paperwork and a copy of your upcoming dance schedule, your Wedding Specialist and Counselor are still hard at work customizing your journey to wedding dance success.


Step Six:  Share it!

After taking a few lessons, it is always a nice idea to invite your folks, or some of the wedding party in for a few lessons.  Especially if you’re setting the tone right away with a knockout performance.  Ask your Wedding Specialist about the Guest Referral Program, and it may even make for a great wedding party gift item.  With all of your loved ones learning from the same curriculum, you’ll be able to dance with each other, and recognize the moves, at the reception.


So there you have it.  From engaged to dance partners in 6 easy steps.  Like most great things:  vacations, weddings, wedding dance lessons… there is never a perfect time for it.  There will always be some leveraging and adjustments, but learning to dance together creates an identity for your new partnership that can last forever.  Best of luck on your journey, and as always….


Happy Dancing!

Click Here to Begin!

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