A Dose of Dance Motivation

Article written by Chris Lynam of Arthur Murray California http://arthurmurraylive.com/


Whether you have been dancing with us for a decade, or you are mustering up the courage for your very first lesson – here are some helpful tips for anyone in need of a boost.


Just Remember…

All those people that told you you weren’t good enough and how that fueled you to where you are now.


Make it Plural…

When it comes to dancing, everyone has done it before.  Including the mistakes.


Your Story is Singular…

Your life, your motivation, and your path to the studio are your fingerprint.  That’s why your goals are unique and important to you and your teachers.


Always Remember…

Momentum is your best friend.  To find it you have to row your boat like crazy. Seeking out the path that will challenge your comfort zone the most will always yield the biggest returns.

So if you’re new to the idea of dancing and want to try out a dance lesson, follow this link to  schedule your first lesson and get a does of dance motivation!





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