Dancing with the Stars: Week 10




The Finale


Round 1 

Dance do over- The stars will dance the same dance they did during the switch up week with their original partner.

James and Peta danced a Tango and it was very good! Nice sharp and quick movements. James learned to get his bum tucked in. And yes folks, tonight he didn’t take off his shirt. I gained some respect for him.  Judges scored 9,10,10 totaling 29.


Meryl and Maks danced an Argentine Tango and it was spectacular! I loved the sharpness of her legs throughout her flicks. It was a fantastic number! Meryl had great lines and portrayed the character so well.  Loved it!! Judges scored 10,10,10 totaling 30.


Candace and Mark danced a Quickstep and it was very good! Candace has grown as a dancer by constantly maintaining a slow growth and it’s paying off. She has yet to peek, but is getting to be a stronger dancer every week. She still needs to work on her top line with swing and sway action, but she danced wonderfully. Judges scored 9,9,9 totaling 27.


Amy and Derek danced a Salsa and it was a bit confusing to see them dance to a Mambo song and Derek was dancing on beat 2 as if it were a Mambo. It was great choreography for Amy to dance to none the less.  She is a strong contender but tonight she didn’t finish her lines as she usually does and I think the judges have a soft spot for her and won’t judge properly. They’ll probably score her all 10’s and if they are going to grade on a curve they need to apply that to all the contestants! Judges scored all 10 totaling 30…not surprised there.


Round 2

James and Peta danced their freestyle as Hip Hop crump and it was good but I found it had lots of walking around and moments of just standing still without any contribution to the choreography. However, when he did dance it was very good. Judges scored 10,9,10 totaling 29.


Meryl and Maks danced their freestyle as a Contemporary Lyrical and it was another spectacular number.  Awesome choreography and it was danced so beautifully! The song was so appropriate for them, “Latching on to You”.  Judges scored perfect 10’s totaling 30.


Candace and Mark dance their freestyle as a Hustle and it had me on the edge of my seat.  Some of those lifts were too dangerous for Mark. Wouldn’t want him getting hurt again. I thought I saw him wince at least once. Their Hustle basic lacked foot technique. Candace also lacked musicality but she definitely came out fighting for a position in the end. Good on her. Judges scored 8,8,8 totaling 24.



Amy and Derek danced their freestyle as a Contemporary Lyrical number and it was spectacular! Amy’s rope moment was awesome! I liked it. Judges scored 10, 9, 10 totaling 29.


Going home tonight and losing their chance at the mirror ball trophy is James and Peta.

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