Dancing with the Stars: Week 10- The Results


Amy and Derek danced a fusion dance of Argentine Tango and Cha Cha and it was very good. The Cha Cha was a little lacking but the Argentine Tango was awesome! Judges last scores for Amy are 10’s straight through totaling 30.

Candace and Mark danced a fusion of Quickstep and Samba and it was great choreography with great transitions. Very well danced, love her tenacity.  Judges scored 9, 9,9 totaling 27.

Meryl and Maks danced a fusion of Foxtrot and Cha Cha and it was very well danced. Meryl’s foxtrot had a beautiful top line with her swing and sway motion. Her Cha Cha was crisp and had very good foot technique. Judges scored 10, 10, 10 totaling 30.


Second runner up is:  Candace and Mark

First runner up is:  Amy and Derek


The winner is:  Meryl and Maks

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