Dancing With The Stars: Week 8

Guest judge this week is, Abby Lee Miller, from the show Dance Moms.


Charlie and Sharna dance a Quickstep and it was very very good! Sharna put some Tango moves in there, I didn’t care too much for them, but they dance it so well. I really liked it.  Judges scored 10,10,10,10 totalling 40.


Danika and Val danced a Tango and it was very good.  She danced the movements very sharp and on point. I liked the concept and the costuming was really nice too.  Judges scored 10,9,9,10 totalling 38.


Meryl and Max danced a Rumba and it was more of a Contemporary Rumba than a real Rumba, but they danced it so well. I loved the choreography and they danced it soooo sensually, it was hot and moving. Did I mentioned that I liked it a lot !! Judges scored 9,9,8,10 totalling 36.

Candice and Mark danced a Foxtrot and it was the best I’ve ever seen her dance. She still needs to finish her lines with her hands. Great choreography for her personality. Great job Mark on the number! Judges scored 9,9,9,9 totalling 36.

James and Peta danced a Viennese Waltz and it was good. He had his butt sticking out a bit when he is striding in hold. Strides were long and flowing.  It was very nice choreography.  Judges scored 9,9,10,9 totalling 37.

Amy and Derek danced an Argentine Tango and it was very good choreography. Well danced, there was a mishap with the stool but nothing to major. She had great leg action, sharp through each action! Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!! Judges scored straight 10’s totalling 40.

Next part:


Celebrity Dance Duo:


Meryl and Max with Danika and Val danced a Samba and it was very good. Great moves in the Samba and I do agree with Abby, the girls need to be in heels. The vertical bounce was not in sync. Judges scored 8, 9,8,9 totalling 34.


Charlie and Sharna with Candice and Mark danced a Contemporary and it was phenomenal. I loved it so much. It moved me . Loved the dancing. Great personality. I loved it, loved it, loved it!  Judges scored 9,9,10,10 totalling 38.


Amy and Derek with James and Peta danced a Jive and it was good, Amy had to keep up with Peta and she did very well. Though some of the foot work from James was not perfect; I still enjoyed watching the dance. Judges scored 9,10,10,10 totalling 39.

Unfortunately leaving us tonight is Danika.







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