Dancing with the Stars: Week 7

The guest judge for this week is Ricky Martin.


Amy and Derek danced a Rumba and it was a very good Rumba and Derek put a very challenging number together and she danced it better and had better Cuban motion than some dancers with feet. Awesome!!! She is so inspiring. Judges scored 9,9,9,9 totalling 36.


James and Peta danced a Samba and it was okay, I personally didn’t care for the all out there without clothes sort of dance. The foot work wasn’t perfect and the hip action was missing and some of the moves were done messy . Get back to good dancing …..with your clothes on.  Judges scored 9,9,8,9 totalling 35.


Danica And Val danced a Salsa and it was good considering she had a broken rib. Poor girl couldn’t get to do proper rib cage action through the dance . She messed up once but at the end of the day she danced through the pain. Judges scored 8,9,8,8 totalling 33.


NeNe and Tony danced an Argentine Tango and it was ok. I felt that she was not connected to her partner or the audience. She was so into her part she forgot to dance . It was safe and a little slow for my liking. Judges scored 8,8,7, 8 totalling 31.


Charlie and Sharna danced a Paso Doble and it was good but I’ve seen him dance better than this . What’s up with tonight and everyone taking their shirt off?! His chest line dropped and he lost balance in his turn . The choreography was more Tango than Paso . Judges scored 9,10,8,9 totalling 36.


Candace and Mark danced an Argentine Tango and it was very good. I liked it a lot . She had sharp leg action and played the part well. I would have liked a little more heat and passion between the two of them. Judges scored 8,9,9,9 scored a 35.


Meryl and Maks danced a Salsa and it was very, very, good . It was danced very well , good rhythm, good foot technique . But please stop with the shirts coming off. I do agree with Len that it was a little hectic at times and could of used more content. She really didn’t need the back up dancers either. Judges scored 10, 10, 9, 10 totalling 39.


The team match is up next Team Vida (Charlie and Sharna, NeNe and Tony, and James and Peta) vs Team Loca (Meryl and Maks, Amy and Derek, Danica and Val and Candace and Mark).

Team Vida was awesome! Fully packed with exciting moves and it was fun to watch. Judges scored 8,10,8,9 totalling 35.


Team Loca was awesome too! Awesome team routine. Abundant material and fun to watch. Judges scored 10,10,9,10 totalling 39.

Leaving tonight is Nene and Tony.





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