Dancing With The Stars: Week 6

This weeks guest judge Red Foo from Party Anthem.

NeNe and Tony danced a Salsa and it was groovy and fun. She can definitely shake her booty. However, she needs better footwork and she needs to finish her lines with hands better.   Judges scores are 8,9,8,8 totalling 33.

Candice and Mark danced a Cha Cha and it was good. I really want to like it more but there are moments where  she is stiff through her upper body movement .  But her leg action had gotten better…. Still need to loosen up Candice 🙂   Judges scored 8 across the board scoring a 32.

James and Peta danced a Quickstep and it was very bouncy to start off with.  There was disconnect in their body contact and they broke frame.  Judges scored 9,9,8,9 totalling 35.

Danika and Val danced a Cha Cha and it was fantastic. Very well danced and executed.  Nice use of fast and slow movements and great technique.  Fun to watch, loved it!!!  Judges scored 9 across the board totalling 36.


Meryl and Max danced a Tango and it was awesome, super fantastic in every way. Loved the smouldering connection and the sharpness of their movements .  I’d give them perfect 10’s , let’s see what happened.  Yes!!!! 10’s across the board totalling 40.

Drew and Cheryl danced a Tango and it was full of determination, I love that he doesn’t give up. He is learning to dance and try’s to improve every week. Judges scored 8,9,7,8 totalling 32.

Charlie and Sharna danced a Cha Cha and it was very good. The iridescent jacket in the glow in the dark look was very appealing. Great technique and movement . Fun to watch. Judged scored 9 across the board totalling 36.

Amy and Derek danced a Jive and it was great, she is great! Wow! A cartwheel I’m surprised. Awesome, what more can I say?  Judges scored 9,10,9,10 totalling 38.

Drew was voted off!












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