Dancing with the Stars: Week 3

DWTS Judges


James and Peta danced a very entertaining jive that was super fun to watch . It was over the top but the legs needed a little more work. Bruno said “all of it was superb” . Really? I wouldn’t go that far. But still very good. Their overall score was 36 with all nines from the judges.

James and Peta Jive


Billy Dee and Emma did not perform as planned. Will he be returning? Probably not.

Billy and Emma Week 3


NeNe and Tony danced a rumba and it was hot. Wow it got a little warm in here. Very sensual and sexy. It needed a little more footwork, but overall, I really liked this dance. The judges scored them three eights and a seven resulting in a total of 31.

Nene and Tony Rumba


Cody and Witney danced a jazz number and although it was danced very well, it was better for a lyrical hip hop…not much jazz. Cody was hitin’ hard and it had lots of great movements. After receiving three nines and an eight, the combined judges scored was 35.

Cody an Witney Jazz good


Danica and Val danced beautifully executed contemporary number. Well done! I was not disappointed.. But then again, this is her background so I expect it to be this stunning. I loved it and so did the judges with scores of 9 across the board giving them a total of 36.

Danica and Val Contemporary


Drew and Cheryl danced a very pretty waltz. Drew is beginning to develop god frame and posture. He messed up with his feet once, but nothing to crazy . A little more movement is needed in his rise and fall but, I liked this dance a lot! The judges gave him an overall score of 30 with two sevens and two eights.

Drew and Cheryl waltz


Meryl and Max performed a well danced foxtrot. Her turns are so spot on and beautifully executed. There was a mix of light and dark movements in this dance. It was very elegant and graceful. Yeah Len agrees with me. Woo hoo! The judges awarded them with three tens and a nine giving them the highest score of the season so far, 39. First 10’s of the season.

Meryl and Maks Rumba


Amy and Derek danced a contemporary number which was a very emotional and tear jerking dance. She was able to dance and balance on her new feet! She should feel so proud of herself. I was so completely moved. I really liked it a lot. The judges scores were 9 across the board giving them a total of 36.

Amy and Derek Contemporary


Charlie and Sharna danced a jive and it was awesome. Great choreography and well danced! I really liked the routine. I feel Happy!!! Judges scores are 9 across the board giving them a total of 36.

Charlie and Cheryl Jive


Candace and Mark danced a jive and it was…ummm… interesting to say the least. She had fun with it but had some leg action problems. I loved her energy and her facial expression and that should go a long way. Judges score are 8 across the board giving them a total of 32.

cameron and mark jive




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