Dancing With The Stars: Week 2

DWTS Judges

Drew & Cheryl danced a Jive and it was quite fast, but not bad for a newbie. Drew can really shake his backside while his footwork and posture need some more work. He has personality and style, it was fun and I enjoyed watching it! Let’s see if the judges score are decent or on a curve. Their scores are three 7’s; leaving them with a total of 21. Carrie Ann said, “He would be pleasantly surprised with his score.” I’m surprised she didn’t remember she gave the exact same score last week….dah!

Danika & Val danced a Samba and it was very good for a previous dancer. Still, not a fair competition. I liked their dance overall but it left me feeling that something was missing. What’s with Carrie Ann and her comments tonight…”Your dance was flawless, but you get carried away sometimes.”…Then I guess it wasn’t flawless ! Judges score them 8’s all around leaving them with a total of 24.

Billy Dee & Emma danced a Tango and it was okay. But at the end of the day, Emma really needs to have him move around a little bit more. Oh wait, Carrie Ann said something meaningful, “Your need to give him more opportunities to move.” Way to go Carrie Ann! Back to Emma, she needs to start teaching him the techniques that will help improve his dancing. Judges scores were 5’s, leaving them a total of 15. Sorry Billy!

Meryl and Max danced a Jive and it was very good! There were many Lindy moves in the fast paced danced. They tried their best to keep up with the fast paced music, loosing a few timing changes here and there but managed to get back on track.  Meryl and Max had so much energy and their dance was lots fun to watch! Interesting to see how the judges will  score this one…8, 9, 8. Leaving them with a total of 25.

 Diana and Henry were eliminated this evening but they still got to dance their Cha Cha. Their dance wasn’t bad but unfortunately we had to say goodbye to them both. Hope you continue on your dancing journey.

Candace & Mark danced a Rumba and there was not much Rumba in this dance. Too much Contemporary movement throughout the dance. Mark, what’s up with you? Why would you do that to your student? Basic Rumba steps would of gotten her so much further and I think the judges would have appreciated the Rumba more versus all the Contemporary movements. Disappointed and torn a little because I really would like to see her journey continue. The judges scored her three 7’s and rightly so leaving them with a total of 21.

 Amy & Derek danced a Swing and it was very good. I’m really impressed with this girl, her tenacity and dedication to practice her numbers. She did great! The judges scores are three 8’s leaving Amy & Derek with a total of 24.

James and Peta danced a Salsa and it was a fun dance but his footwork needed some more technique. But like Mark, where was the Salsa? The judges need to be consistent with the remarks they make. Bruno and Carrie Ann, put your tongues back in your mouth. You need to score his movement, not his naked body! Judges score them 9, 8, 8 leaving them with a final score of 25.

Charlie & Sharma danced a Tango and it was very well done! A few minor footwork issues but very strongly danced overall. It had conviction and aggression, awesome for a Tango. Very nice choreography. Judges scored them 9,7,9 leaving them with a final score of 25. Len is being a stickler for breaking hold. Can’t argue with him there! Rules, are rules.

NeNe & Tony danced a Jive and it was a very good attempt. You can tell she tried very hard to perfect this dance. More a Swing than a jive though. She needed more sharper movements and better foot placement on the floor. The judges scored her three 7’s giving them a total of 21.

Sean & Karina danced a Salsa and it was okay. Again where is the Salsa? I guess a better question would be, do they know what Salsa looks like? They need to contact Arthur Murray for a crash course. Karina looked awesome dancing around him…but maybe they should try to let him move a little bit more. Judges scored them three 7’s giving them a total of 21.

Cody & Whitney danced a Tango and it was not bad. His pants were a little too distracting. It looked as if he a diaper on, too saggy. But back to the dancing. He had some footwork issues and he had some problem with the height difference. The judges scored him three 7’s leaving them with a total of 21.


The last couple to get eliminated is Sean and Karina. Good luck to you Sean! Keep on Dancing!!!

DWTS Week 2 Photo






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