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Your first lesson at Arthur Murray: Perception vs. Reality

Admit it.  We have all done it.  We’ve given ourselves a “reverse pep-talk” on something, even if we knew there was a chance we could really enjoy it.  A new job opportunity, a first date, or even dance lessons, we are ruled by that critical perception without ever taking the steps to explore the reality.  Our aim in this article is to pull back the curtain on the reality of the first lesson at Arthur Murray.  After all, your perception of dancing won’t earn you any more points on the dance floor until you make lessons a reality.  Enjoy.

When I walk in

Perception = All the great dancers in the room will stop doing their splits/twists/Latin dance stuff and snicker as I walk clunk into the room with bad footwork.

Reality = You’ll be greeted by your teacher, the receptionist, and most likely, some students with a smile.  Don’t be surprised if any of those people greet you by name.

 When I meet my teacher

Perception = They’ll be wearing some ballet leotard-type thingy and maybe even a Flashdance sweatshirt.

Reality = Your teacher will be wearing professional, non-Flashdance, attire.  The male instructors wear a shirt and tie everyday.  The female staff wear professional, business-like attire.  You, on the other hand, can and should dress in whatever makes you comfortable.

The beginning of my lesson

Perception = will be painful for my teacher to endure.  They’ll probably walk off, take a coffee break, or quit on the spot.

Reality = You’ll be working with a teacher who specializes in helping people learn to dance for the very first time.  Since our company has been around for over 100 years, there isn’t a problem that we haven’t seen.  As Kathryn Murray used to say, “The hardest step you’ll ever take is the first one through the door.”

During my lesson

Perception = I will probably step all over my teacher, myself, and people casually walking by.

Reality = Your teacher was hired based on their pain threshold.  Kidding.  Actually, your teacher will guide you through all the fundamentals that make learning at Arthur Murray fun, quick, and easy.

“They’re all going to laugh at you!”

Perception = I should wait until I know a little something before I go in and take a lesson… so I don’t make a fool of myself.  I have [insert any number greater than 1] left feet.

Reality = The old Arthur Murray expression is, “Walk in, Dance out”.  There’s a reason why Arthur Murray has been teaching the world to dance for over 100 years, and we couldn’t do that for this long if you needed to know how to dance first.

Will it be Painful?

Perception = I have never done the splits, or any of that other stuff you see on tv.  I am expecting there to be some physical and mental anguish.

Reality = The Arthur Murray teaching style is “fun, quick, and easy”, which really translates to “painless”. There are plenty of ways to enjoy dancing without doing the exhibition-television version of it, just like enjoying a casual game of basketball, tennis, or pool without being a world champion in it.

There are plenty of reasons to put off dancing and dance lessons.  You name it, we’ve heard it, but for those that decide to take those first few risky steps outside their comfort zone all see what we already know – it’s much easier than you think.  At Arthur Murray we believe that you should experience what we do before you place a label or value on it.  So take the first step to change the perception and create your own reality.

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