Daniel Heroux’s Coming to Town!

Daniel Heroux’s Coming to Town!

What is a Coaching lesson: In all sport related activities, a third pair of eyes is very important. At times, what feels good does not necessarily look good. A Traveling Consultant (coach) has years of experience and knows shortcuts for greater results. A coaching lesson can give the instructor a wealth of information that will give you a project for the next number of months.
These concentrated lessons are geared not only to the experienced student—they are useful and productive for all students. While all dancing relates to posture and movement, footwork, timing and communication, a new student will be coached at a newer lever and an experienced student at a higher level.

Who is Daniel Heroux?

Bio: This dashing West Island resident first discovered the joy of ballroom dancing at age 12, he and his sister being the hottest pre-pubescent dance team this side of Pete Townshend’s hard drive. Later hitting it big on the competitive disco dance scene as one half of “Daniel and Johanne” in the ’70s, (“It was very much like Saturday Night Fever”), Daniel eventually went on to study ballet, was asked to tour with several companies, but ultimately chose to teach instead. He now owns an Arthur Murray Dance School franchise in DDO.

When is he coming to Toronto?

JULY 11th – Arthur Murray Woodbridge

JULY 12th & 13th – Arthur Murray Toronto – Kingsway

July 14th – Arthur Murray North York

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